Six of the worst horror injuries people have received during passionate sex sessions

  1. Couples genitals get stuck together while having sex in the sea

A couple’s sexy tryst in the sea ended in agony when their GENITALS became stuck together.

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The Italians took advantage of a warm day and deserted beach by frolicking naked in the sea.

And things soon became x-rated as they embraced in a passionate clinch.

However what was undoubtedly a dreamy experience soon became something of a nightmare when they realised they were unable to pull away from one another.

Italian newspaper Il Mattino reported that the man was “unable to extricate himself from the woman due to suction”.

Help arrived in the form of a woman walking alone one the beach in the Marche region of Italy. She handed them a towel as they manoeuvred to the beach – still “as one” – to protect their modesty.

They were taken to hospital and a doctor freed them by administering an injection to dilate the woman’s uterus.

  1. Car crash causes woman to bite off lover’s penis

GettyOne unfortunate man ended up having his penis bitten off during oral sex

A man reportedly ended up with his penis being bitten off during a romp with secretary in his car after it was struck by a reversing van.

The force of the impact caused the 30-year-old woman to clamp her teeth down on her man’s privates in a Singapore car park, according to Chinese press.

She apparently screamed loudly and appeared from the vehicle with her mouth covered in blood.

Arguably the worst part was that the couple were being watched by a private investigator sent by the woman’s husband to find out if she was cheating.

She definitely was.

  1. Pensioner dies while having sex with prostitute – whose ‘still attached’

A pensioner who died while having sex was wheeled out of his house by paramedics – with a prostitute reportedly still attached.

The shocking video, was has been shared thousands of times online, shows the man lying on a stretcher covered in a blue sheet.

Underneath the sheet, the outline of what is presumed to be a woman can be seen crouching underneath.

It is alleged that the elderly man was having sex with a prostitute somewhere in China, though the exact location is not clear, when he died.

  1. Woman crashes car while pleasuring herself with sex toy

A woman smashed into the back of a van while pleasuring herself with a sex toy.

The woman, described as in her 30s, was static in traffic when her Mini suddenly lurched forward and hit the back of the stationary fish van.

She swapped details with the van driver whose bosses proceeded to check footage from the vehicle’s rear camera.

To M&J Seafood’s surprise, the video showed a woman holding a Rampant Rabbit-style sex toy and doing up her trousers.

  1. Man gets penis stuck in water bottle

A man who got his penis stuck in a bottle was among hundreds of bizarre calls to the London Fire Brigade over the years.

The fire service decided to reveal some of it’s most X-rated calls among a rise in call outs after the Fifty Shades of Grey book was released.

In one tweet, they post a picture of a plastic water bottle, and ask: “Ever looked at an empty bottle & thought I wonder if my penis will fit?”

Another, with a picture of a Henry hoover, jokes: “A man putting his tackle in a vacuum was just one of our #FiftyShadesofRed jobs #BritishSexPositions #prayforHenry.”

Of the 472 calls received by LFB in 2013/14 involving ‘removing objects from people’ or ‘removing people from objects’, 28 involved people trapped in handcuffs and 293 concerned rings, including seven men whose penises were stuck in a ring.

Such calls – at £295 apiece – have cost the brigade nearly £400,000 in the past three years, the LFB said. Sex-related calls have risen every year since 2010/11.

  1. Woman burns vagina after setting fire to crotch in ‘sexy’ dance routine

A woman was left with a painful vaginal injury after she set fire to her crotch in the middle of a dance off.

A clip shows the woman screaming as she glances down at her crotch and sees flames engulfing her denim hotpants.

Members of the audience scream in horror as the woman runs to the side of the stage to get help from security guards and other onlookers who attempt to extinguish the flames.

Another audience member tries desperately to drag the shorts away from the woman’s body.

After putting out the flames, the woman returned to the dance floor to finish off her routine.

It remains unclear where the footage was filmed, exactly how the woman managed to set fire to her crotch or what the extent of her injuries were.


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