Soroti NRM Treasurer Defects to FDC

Jonathan Ebwalu, the NRM treasurer Soroti District has defected to the opposition Forum for Democratic Change-FDC just a few days after 300 NRM members joined UPC in Amuria district.

Ebwalu was received over the weekend by General Mugisha Muntu, the FDC president at Soroti Independence grounds.

Shortly after announcing his defection, Ebwalu said he regrets serving in NRM, which he said has failed the country. He said he was delighted to associate with FDC because of its pro-people ideology.

Gen Mugisha Muntu, who was launching the FDC mobilization work plan, said such defections are an indication of the trust that people have in the party.

He assured the people of Teso that FDC will take over power in 2016 and called on the youth to help in the establishment of institutions that are being individualized by the ruling regime. He urged voters to stand by the opposition and have trust in them regardless of the prevailing intimidation.

Alice Alaso, the FDC secretary general said that they are ready to receive all members of the ruling party who are being persecuted for their differing opinion saying it was time for them to join the opposition to cause the much desired change.

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  1. I thought some Ugandans defect from the other parties to the movement because of their financial hurdles but its like am dead wrong as people cross from the ruling party NRM to the opposition FDC.The other day over 300 NRM supporters crossed to UPC in Amuria District,is this the beginning of the fall of the ruling party?The writing on he wall is very clear for all to see!

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