Squatter Holed Up At Works Ministry

Principal Procurement Officer in the Ministry of Works and Transport, Mr. Francis Denis Ayo has lashed out at his bosses saying he will not leave office after being fired,  Red Pepper can exclusively reveal.

Impeccable sources in the Ministry who sought anonymity told us last night the Ayo was fired early August after several contractors expressed their discontent in the manner in which he was handling them. “Several complaints came up not one, two or three but many cases. He would ask for bribes in order to effect their contracts,” a source said.

When news of his bribery shrouded the office, the Permanent Secretary Charles Muganzi wrote to Ayo informing that he was transferred to Public Service Ministry and that he would make necessary arrangements to hand over office.

According to the letter of transfer obtained by Red Pepper, the PS Muganzi wrote to defiant Ayo on August 13 informing him that he was transferred and he should report to the Public Service Permanent Secretary.

“Please make necessary arrangements to handle over office/ take over your office in Public Service. Report to the PS for further instructions,” the letter reads.

But impeccable sources revealed that the transfer was a hoax because Ayo’s boss never wanted to directly tell him that he was relieved of his duties.

“They didn’t want to tell him that he was fired,” source said.

The letter further stated, “You will however remain on call to attend to any accountability and oversight issues that you may be called upon for clarification.”

Sources privy to Ayo’s office said that he learnt of the move to fire him and he defied the orders and remained in office.

Sources add that he was transferred three times but he was hesitant to take up a new job in Public Service ministry.

This prompted his superiors to throw him out of office but sources contend that he has since refused to hand over the Government vehicle and other official assets.

“He refused to handle over the car, after being thrown out of office. He insists that he is still our employee,” a source said.

Efforts to reach the ministry’s spokesperson were futile as our repeated calls were not attended to.


Reported By Nicholas Mwesigwa

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  1. This is a big joke. How can a public servant refuse to leave office? Just call the Kayihura boys to lift him off his feet and drag him out of office. Then place a padlock. Clamp the vehicle and tow it to the right place. Just stop his salary as well. What happened to the discipline in the civil service?

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