Ssekandi Wants Unemployed Youths Driven Out Of City

Ssekandi Wants Unemployed Youths Driven Out Of City

By Venenscias Kiiza

Uganda’s Vice President, Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi has asked government to push all the unemployed youth out of the city and send them back to villages to engage in agriculture.

According to him, they create unnecessary congestion in the city yet there is a lot of unconsumed land in villages which they can utilize by engaging in agriculture.

He made this call on Thursday at the Office of the Prime minister during the launch of findings, “Enhancing Youth Participation in Agriculture in Uganda; Policy proposals by The “Young Leaders Think Tank for Policy Alternatives” an initiative of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung to enhance youth participation in governance and policy formulation.

Ssekandi said there is a need to change the mindset of graduates from universities to look at agriculture as untapped opportunity rather than crying for unemployment.

The paper outlines the state of youth participation in the agriculture sector in Uganda, noting that while absorbing a large part of the working population, the sector is operating inefficiently, mostly owing to the effects of subsistence farming and engagement in the sector as a last resort or interim solution while other economic pursuits are aspired to.

The result is a workforce engaged in agriculture that is lacking the vision and awareness of opportunities for entrepreneurship within the sector and, therefore, does not unlock its employment potential.

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5 thoughts on “Ssekandi Wants Unemployed Youths Driven Out Of City

  1. This is the problem when people overstay in government. M7 wants people to move to urban centres instead of dwelling in rural areas to participate in agriculture as a means if development. Sekkandi is intending to chase people from urban areas to rural areas to take part in agriculture. Quite the opposite of what his boss is advocating. Are they on the same page? Clear case of the President not working together with his vice. Clearly an indication of not promoting the same government policies. See what happens when younger minds with new ideas are sidelined because these old folks believe that the sun will never rise again in Uganda if they no longer rule this country. No wonder majority of them sleep in parliament, meetings, I their air conditioned cars etc etc

  2. To me its the opposite … people like Ssekandi should retire and go to the village they are congesting office while we habe millions of unemployed graduates?

  3. If the likes of Sekandi paved way for up coming youths, maybe the congestion he’s lamenting about would be there. But for a Real tired man like him who doses of in every meeting he attends but still holds on public office due selfishness to talk about this is just exposure of his hypocracy.

    I would advice him to keep quite and leave the husslers alone. Maybe one day someone from his household will experience it .

  4. O.K, VP otuuse okwogera nga Late Smason Kisekka eyagamba mbu amagye basaana kugulira Lugabire mukifo ky’engatto, ekyavaamu okimanyi ba Escort be bonna bali basazewo okumuddukako bonna, napapa okukimenyawo mangu!!

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