Sudan parliament votes for reinstating post of prime minister

Sudan parliament votes for reinstating post of prime minister

Sudanese lawmakers have voted for a constitutional amendment that will reinstate the post of prime minister after more than two decades.

President Omar al-Bashir annulled the position of prime minister after he came to power in 1989.

On Wednesday, all the 387 lawmakers present out of a total of 425 voted for the amendment, which will give the prime minister, who will be appointed by the president, responsibility for “executive power in the country.”

However, the president is still allowed to form a government or dismiss ministers.

The move comes as part of reforms proposed by a national dialogue between the Sudanese government and some opposition groups.

The dialogue, which was launched in October last year, is aimed at resolving Sudan’s economic and political crises and putting an end to insurgencies in the border regions.

On October 10, Bashir submitted a “national document” to serve as a framework for a new Sudanese constitution after the conclusion of year-long talks that were, however, boycotted by most mainstream opposition and armed groups.

Sudan currently has a transitional constitution adopted in 2005 following the signature of a peace agreement between the country’s north and south that ended two decades of civil war and led to the independence of South Sudan in 2011.


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