Super Voice FM News Anchor Vies for Nebbi Woman Parliamentary Seat

Nebbi – A renown news anchor in West Nile region Ms. Judith Pachuwegi Olama, has thrown on the towel, off her old trade to tussle two other scribes, including the incumbent, in Nebbi district Woman Parliamentary race.

“Judith Pachuwegi Olama for Nebbi Woman MP seat 2021 – 2026 NRM party Ticket” reads the inscription on her posters for NRM party primaries.

Ms. Olama’s yellow posters
litter social media group platforms hosting people from West Nile region.

A native of Nebbi District, Padyere County, Erussi Sub-county, Pangere Pajur Village. Ms. Olama completed her Primary Level education in Nairobi Kenya but moved to the village after fate hit the family and death robbed them of their dear Dad, the key bread winner.

“My dad, Mr. Valentine Olama was working in Nairobi as an Telecommunication Instructor under the defunct East African Community for 10 years. On expiry of his contract in 1986 we had to come back at the end of that year but unfortunately, he passed away, in 1988 when I was in Senior 2 in Uganda Martyrs SS in Rubaga and I had to relocate to my village in Erussi with my mum who had no gainful experience and 9 children to support” Ms. Olama traces the dawn of dark days to the lives of her family members.

Recounting the experience of passing through the jaws of fate, Ms. Olama equally remembers individuals who lit them candles in the oblivion.

“It was difficult adjusting at that time and I had to struggle with school fees issues. The then Headmaster Mr. Oketa Charles who had become a family friend ensured I studied despite all the challenges my family faced and I was lucky I joined A-Level in Warr Girls in 1991 when the same headmaster was transferred to the same school. Life was a big struggle where I had to brew local gins for pocket money” Ms. Olama shares her painful life in an interview with Red Pepper digital.

After her secondary school, Ms. Olama opted for a Diploma in Secretarial Studies at Uganda Institute of Management and Business Studies, which opened for her an opportunity to work with Uganda Northern Manufacturers Association, an organization that sought to skill both the males and females with artisan abilities that would help them produce fabricated metal items and carpentry for economic empowerment.
Two years later, Ms. Olama discovered talents of her voice and abilities in radio broadcasting.

“I was honored to be among the first “on air” staff to launch the most powerful FM radio station in West Nile, Radio Paidha in 1998, where I worked as a news anchor for English and Kiswahili programmes” Ms. Olama recalls days she started rejuvenating from the hardship caused by her father’s demise.

At Radio Paidha, due to her hard working, she was elevated to a sub editor and then later, acting Station Manager that saw her get selected by the German government for a one-month Radio Management course in Cologne, Germany.

Over the years in media and ad news anchor, Ms. Olama gained not only experienced but also fame and a new name as “super voice”

Super voice later worked in the Broadcast section at Arua One FM and Customer Care Service at New Vision Head offices.

It’s the PhD experience in hardship and glamour that super voice feels to share and empower her constituency with, once given the opportunity of representation in Parliament.

‘I would like to run for this seat to ably represent the women and cause a positive change in their lives and that of their families with great emphasis on economic empowerment and engagement in Agricultural Activities. Promotion of education among the girl child

With support from the voters and all other stakeholders,” Ms. Olama rests her case in the hands of the constituents.

She runs her campaigns under the slogan “together we can achieve this and much more” she notes.


Mr. Jonathan Driliga, news editor at Arua One FM radio station says working with Judith at Arua One FM was such an invaluable experience.

“Although I was her supervisor, I looked up to her as a senior colleague, a mother and an counselor. I admired her prowess in News anchoring way before I joined media work in 2001.All the best Judith” Driliga comments about his former work place colleague.

Much as several media personalities who have worked with Ms. Olama give positive comments about her, many feel not to be open to avoid been seen as taking side since two of Ms. Olama opponents,Ms. Janey Watongo and the incumbent, Hon. Aol Jackline are also from the same folder.

“Let them sit down and sort out this. Otherwise, it will be hard for us to support all of them at a go” one member of West Nile press Association recommends in the group’s WhatsApp platform.

However, Nebbi Woman Parliamentary race has attracted over ten contestant showing interest to participate in NRM party Primary election and we are yet to see those confident to pick nomination forms.

In another twist of events which sound a comedy, Mr. Shaggy Sagara, a funny faded columnist of one of the dailies in the country has shown interest to run for Parliamentary seat in Arua town.

Sagara, hailing from Southern part of the region, who calls himself the son of West Nile has prepared political posters, ready for the intentions and he personally confirmed so to Red Pepper digital in WHATSAPP messaging post.

Taggy Sagara: “Yes I am” Sagara responds to a question whether indeed he was intending to contest in Arua town.

Cross checking questions to confirm his location, Sagara intimates being in Arua from March, this year.

Taggy Sagara: “Been here since March” an indication that he should be among victims of COVID-19 lockdown.

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