Tanzania Wants To Pump Natural Gas To Uganda

Tanzania intends to build a pipeline to pump natural gas to Uganda according to the Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation.

The pipeline will run from Dar es Salaam, pass through Tanga port on the India Ocean end and to Mwanza, a port on Lake Victoria before crossing the border to Uganda.

The Corporation is looking to hire a contractor to conduct a feasibility study to determine current and future natural gas demand while establishing the most economical route for the pipeline.

In May the country had commenced construction of infrastructure that will have Dar es Salaam households connected with natural gas for domestic purpose. The project aims at supplying natural gas pipelines in Kigamboni, Mbagala and Mkurunga areas.

Exxon Mobil was rumored that it was looking for buyers to buy its stake in a large undeveloped gas field in June so as to focus on a bigger project in Mobambique.

Exxon holds a 35 per cent stake in Tanzania’s deepwater Block 2 field that was discovered earlier this decade. It holds an estimated 23 trillion cubic feet of gas, according to the website of Norway’s Equinor, which operates the block and holds a 65 per cent stake.

Tanzania has natural gas reserves of over 57 trillion cubic feet in offshore fields in the south of the country.

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