The Democratic Alliance (TDA) today afternoon endorsed former Prime Minister John Patrick Amama Mbabazi as its presidential candidate in the coming presidential elections.

endorsedIn a press conference at the alliance headquarters today afternoon, the Alliance unveiled Mbabazi.

Speaking to media, Mbabazi said that he accepted the nomination. “I accept the nomination. This hasn’t been an easy progress. When we face our opponent it won’t be any easier.”

He noted that the “primary focus must be on the future of Uganda. We are wiser and stronger if we make this our focal point of our struggle…If this Administration has a plan for a better future. They are keeping it a secret.”

He added; “What we will be giving Ugandans is alternative Policy proposals and that will be discussed in the coming days.”

Mbabazi highlighted that the doors of Cooperation are still open to Kizza Besigye and that it is better to put the parallels from the past for the good of unity.

He revealed that he has had negotiations with Dr Besigye for the last one year and met him 22 times.

He saluted DP boss Norbert Mao and Gilbert Bukenya for their sense of duty and willingness to put our country first.

The two steped down in favour of Mbabazi.

On presenting Mbabazi Democratic Party President Norbert Mao eulogised the former prime minister as only leader who can cause change.

“Some can talk about change but it is clear that the only leader who can cause change is Hon Mbabazi… We cannot deny Ugandans the opportunity of voting someone who can cause change,” Mao said.

Mbabazi has been endorsed by DP, Go-Forward, Pro-Change, PPP, UFA, and a faction of UPC led by Olara Otunnu and eminent persons including Former Buganda PM Owek Mulwanyamuli, Dr Matembe, Imam Kasozi, Rev Fr Gaetano, Rt. Bishop Ocola, Hon Zakari Olum also endorsed Mbabazi among others.

Akena Raids TDA, Office, Takes UPC flag.

There was drama today morning at the head offices of The Democratic Alliance (TDA) in Naguru as Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) youth led by the party flag bearer Jimmy Akena stormed Alliance office and demanded the party flag, which was given to them.

The Akena led UPC faction and Olara Otunnu faction have been at loggerheads over a number of issues including the latter involvement in alliance activities, which the former are protesting.

Olara Otunnu faction which has been part of the coalition endorsed former Prime Minister John Patrick Amama Mbabazi as the Alliance joint candidate.

Akena faction argues that the party, UPC has never been part of the opposition parties, civil society and eminent persons’ coalition.

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