THE TRUTH! Inside tycoon Ham, Bayern mystery deal

Kavuma Honest Reagan

Kavuma Honest Reagan

A few months ago city businessman Abasi Lukwangu chased away socialite Honest Reagan Kavuma aka Champagne Papi from the popular Munyonyo based football tuff.

Originally Kavuma had acquired a 7-year-lease for the one acre land owned by tycoon Lukwangu, next to Speke Resort Munyonyo, to develop it into a standard sports turf facility.

It is reported that Kavuma had scooped a deal to promote Germany team Bayern Sports club in Uganda and he was to be bankrolled by the team to acquire different sports complexes in Uganda. It is said that Kavuma managed to secure a lease on Hajji Lukwangu’s Munyonyo land and set up the Bayern sports ground.

However, when Kavuma’s lease expired, Hajji Lukwangu repossessed the facility and took over ownership and management of the turf.

Meanwhile, we have learnt that the management of the German team has since decided to come and pay a visit to the facility in Uganda and ascertain the fan base Kavuma has been promoting for in a bid to solicit more funding.

We hear that on learning about that, Kavuma swiftly passed over the deal to tycoon Ham Kiggundu, whom he paraded as his partner in running the facility.

Snoops reveal that Kavuma and Kiggundu decided to parade Nakivubo stadium and another turf which is in Akright Estate where the latter is building some apartments.

It is said that now Kiggundu is the one who has taken over the deal and has already promised the Germans that he will be constructing several sports complexes under the flagship of Bayern Uganda that are slated to be funded by the German team.

Sources reveal that the Kampala tycoon has already paraded chunks of land in different parts of the country where he promised the Germans that he will set up the sports facilities once he gets the funds from them.

However, sources say that it is not clear whether the purported sports turfs will come into existence following the slow pace that the redevelopment of Nakivubo stadium has taken. It should be noted that for the past two weeks, Kiggundu had branded all his offices with Bayern Munich banners everywhere in anticipation of the German funders who were in the country recently. Paper work is reportedly done and soon funds will be flowing in.

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