This is What Zari Should Do To Reduce Vaginal Dryness


Unlike the El-Nino queen Desire Luzinda, Zari is like many other women that suffer from vaginal dryness.


Red Pepper online has words of hope for you Zari.

You can find relief without taking large amounts of estrogen into your system.

Locally applied bioidentical estrogens are considered a much safer option than oral hormone therapy since most of them allow only minimal amounts of estrogen to enter into your circulation.

Red Pepper online  encourages  Zari to be evaluated by her gynecologist to make sure there is no underlying cause for her vaginal dryness; and it’s important to follow up to make sure her condition improves.

Zari should however know that the first step most practitioners will take in treating vaginal dryness will include a prescription for Premarin Vaginal Cream.

This product contains estrogens from female horses, which are unnatural to our bodies and often much too strong.

It’s nice to know there are several safe and effective bioidentical choices for treating vaginal dryness.

The greatest news of all is that the creams are just as effective – in fact, probably more so.

The three key estrogens are estrone (E1), estradiol (E2), and estriol (E3).

Presently pharmaceutical companies produce estradiol-based bioidentical vaginal products.

Zari should have as much information as possible so that she knows which ones to request.

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