Too Much Masturbation Kills 23-Year-Old Chinese Student, Family Loses Lawsuit Versus Sperm Bank

There’s a 1992 song written by Queen guitarist Brian May titled Too Much Love Will Kill You.

Sperms (1)For a 23-year-old male Chinese medical student, the apt song title would have been Too Much Masturbation Will Kill You – that’s because Zheng Gang died in February 2012 after he made his fourth sperm donation to a Hubei sperm bank in just 10 days.

The New York Post reports that the family blamed the sperm bank for his death and filed a lawsuit seeking $648,545 compensation. They claimed the clinic forced him to sign up as a sperm donor and pressured him to make frequent donations of his seed.

The court awarded the family only 5 per cent of their compensation claim to cover funeral cost. The family appealed the decision, but the High Court upheld the lower court’s ruling.

The High Court said Zheng’s death was his fault since it was his decision to sign up and release his sperm via masturbation.

Zheng began his medical study at Wuhan University in 2010 and became a frequent donor to the sperm bank in 2011. His regular masturbation sessions at the clinic was the best proof that he practiced what he preached since he also encouraged his male friends to donate their seed too.

On his fourth visit to the clinic in more than one week in 2012, the clinic staff decided to check if Zheng was okay after they noticed he was inside a private booth at the university’s sperm bank clinic for two hours.

When they opened the door, the staff found him lying on the floor. Although medics tried to revive the medical student, he was eventually declared dead due to a heart attack.

Males who know the pleasure of masturbation would probably believe that Zheng died in bliss.

Masturbation could be fatal is the message of a French film titled The Day The Earth Stopped Masturbating, released (pun unintended) in the same year that Zheng died.

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