Two Arrested in Kasese with 20 Machetes and 100 Knives

Group of Machetes, Bayonets and Knives.

A combined team of Police and UPDF soldiers has arrested two men in possession of 20 machetes and more than 100 knives on Lake George. The two men, who were sailing on a canoe, were reportedly intercepted by two police marine unit boats.

Group of Machetes, Bayonets and Knives.
Group of Machetes, Bayonets and Knives.

A source that declined to be named said that the officers searched the canoe and found 20 machetes and over 100 knives on board.

They immediately picked the two men whose identity had been withheld by security for interrogations.

He says during interrogations, the men disclosed that the knives and machetes were in transit from Kasese to Mukungu landing site.

Mukungu landing site, is home to about 1500 people and predominantly occupied by Basongora.

Fred Enanga, the Police Spokesperson has confirmed the arrest of the two men but declined to disclose their identities until they are done with the investigations.

Enanga says the two suspects are being held at Kasenyi village in a military facility. He says the knives and pangas that are brand new will be treated as weapons.

The arrest of the two men comes a few days after unidentified men descended on Bundibugyo town and attacked security installations and a bank.

The men were reportedly wielding machetes, knives, spears and stones.  In his statement over the incident on Tuesday, President Yoweri Museveni attributed the attacks to selfish tribal attacks from ‘a few chauvinistic’ groups.

Red Pepper Online understands that 36 suspects who were arrested on Sunday have been released by the security forces after hours of interrogation yielded no results.

Another 121 suspects are still undergoing the interrogation as government forces try to establish the identity and motives of the attackers

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  1. Is this some kind of genocide or what? Which ever tribe is behind this evil acts,the gvt should not spare them but but mash all them.Because the world is sick and tired of these backwardness and barbaric Africans.

    1. Mugisha John, your language too is unpatriotic and barbaric; why not first find out what exactly caused this kind of incident than quickly passing judgement. Africans (Ugandans) are the most accomodative people,if you didn’t know…

  2. Maco,there,s no reason or excuse for such acts in any civil society in the 21 century.

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