UCC Bans Balokole Healing Adverts

UCC Bans Balokole Healing Adverts

Uganda Communications Commission had banned all born again churches and herbalists from placing adverts in the media claiming to offer healing services.

UCC says the adverts are misleading because they’re premised on lies with intent to hoodwink and cheat the public.

UCC published the notice of the ban this week. UCC Executive Director Godfrey Mutabazi said the ban was intended to protect the public from misleading claims by churches and herbalists.

This follows an upsurge in balokole churches placing adverts on radio stations they control and on some TV stations claiming to heal all diseases including cancer and Aids.

“Some churches advertise claiming they can heal AIDS, some claim to pray for you to get a Visa and jobs, people have sold their properties for things that cannot be scientifically proved,” said Meddie Kagwa Sebagala the head of multimedia and content at UCC.

Mutabazi said the media houses that contravene the ban on such advertising will be fined.

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