Uganda Archbishop Kazimba’s Message on Homosexuality Awakens Old Ghosts

Patrick Ssazi

Church of Uganda Archbishop Dr. Steven Kazimba Mugalu’s 2022 Christmas message in which he warned the Church of England against recognizing homosexuals has renewed the resolve to hunt down the perpetrators of this vice.

Patrick Ssazi

In his message the Archbishop said: “There are rumors that the Church of England will soon vote to provide some form of blessings for homosexual relationships. Such a decision will mean you have abandoned the very faith of Anglicanism you so generously shared around the world. You will be the Church of England, but you will no longer be Anglican because Anglicans uphold the Bible. We will never follow you.”

The Church’s top leader went ahead to alert all students, parents and teachers against “bad people trying to attract children into homosexuality” by promising them money and sponsorship. “Children – please report such people to your Head Teacher and to your parents. I urge the government to set up a simple system whereby children can report these people to the relevant authorities who can investigate and take appropriate action,” Dr. Kazimba said.

A day after his appeal, renowned anti-homosexuality pastor/activist, Pr. Solomon Male also alerted the general public about a book authored by two American Reverends Rev. Jeff Miner and John Tyler Connoley titled “The Children are Free.”

He warned that the book was smuggled into the country on a flash disk, printed in Kampala along Nasser Road (a printing hub) and later translated into Luganda (local dialect).

He cautioned the general public that the said books were being distributed free of charge but were toxic because they distort the bible. He called on the police to take action against the distributors of such material.

These messages have stirred up members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Transgender and Queer (LGBTQI) community in Uganda and those abroad who had planned to return for their 2023 workshops and other LGBTQI activities. It has also prompted complainants against suspected homosexuals to return to police to follow up on their complaints/case files.

Among those startled by the renewed zeal from the authorities and public are the executive members of the Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) whom detectives from the police Criminal Investigative Department (CID) have rounded up and quizzed twice over the alleged return of one Patrick Ssazi, a member of the LGBTQ community in Sweden.

Ssazi, 23, a Ugandan who grow up in Luwero district went into exile in Sweden in 2014 after allegations of being gay were made against him. He is said to have since joined the LGBTQ community there and he is now among the several LGBTQ people who have been forced to seek protection outside the country from being prosecuted or being harassed by the local population majority of which is homophobic.

It is said police had been tipped that Ssazi had returned to Uganda along with some members of the LGBTQ and therefore arrested the SMUG executive to reveal his whereabouts.

“We almost spent Christmas in cells. We were only release late evening on December 24th and told to report back the next day. We have no choice other than hiding,” one of the SMUG members who referred anonymity, said.

It should be remembered that on August 5th, 2022government through the National Bureau for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO Bureau) under the Ministry of Internal Affairs, halted the activities of SMUG with immediate effect for allegedly promoting homosexuality in Uganda.

“We have several complaints about many of those LGBTQ people. Ssazi is one our main targets here in Luwero because the information we have from our intelligence is that he has officially joined those people to promote and practice sodomy. His file for the charges is ready. We finished our investigations way back in 2014; what is pending is just apprehending him,” Says Kimera, a Police Officer at Luwero police station.

Ibin Ssenkundi the police spokesperson said there have been slight rises in the complaints against homosexuals towards the end of 2022 and beginning of this year.

“We have been getting at least three complaints on our several police stations in the district. This is partly because the population believes many of the LGBTQ people return to Uganda around that time to recruit students into the act. So people come to alert us or follow up their complaints,” he said.

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