Uganda is not a land for Lazy People- Museveni

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has argued that Uganda is not a land for the lazy people.

Speaking at the official launch of the National Population and Housing Census 2014 final results released by Uganda Bureau of Statistics yesterday, he noted that the coming budget will look for where to put money so as to improve people’s lives.


He said government will modernise agriculture since majority of the population is still practicing substance farming.

“Only 31% are in the money economy and others still sleeping in subsistence farming thus moneyless… We can’t sit and watch only 31% get involved in commercial economy as 69% just spectate,” he said.

To empower young people, Museveni said government is going to build more technical institutions at least one per constituency.

On health, he saluted Ministry of health and United States of America for the introduction of mosquito nets that have controlled the spread of malaria. Museveni noted that avoiding sickness should be public initiative not waiting for government and ministry of health to talk about it.

Museveni also asked media and bishops to spend less time abusing him. “I urge all bishops and other media to spend at least 30% abusing Museveni but 70% talk about the future. I have survived 90% abuse.”

The report

National Population and Housing Census 2014 final results indicated that Uganda population is 34.6 Million. Wakiso is the most densely populated district leads with over 2 million people.

The report noted that life expectancy risen from 50 years to 63 years. It revealed that electricity access has increased from 8% to 20%.

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