Uganda receives Polio vaccine doses for infants

Entebbe – Uganda on Friday, April 24, received polio and Pentavalent vaccines designated for infants amidst coronavirus pandemic.

The 3,842,000 doses of Bivalent oral polio vaccine (bOPV) will support ongoing immunization services throughout the country.

The doses which will last for six months will be administered to 900,000 children below the age one year whereby a child will receive 3 doses of polio vaccines before making a year.

Notably, the bivalent oral polio vaccines was procured by UNICEF, with funding from the Government of Uganda, arrived at Entebbe International Airport via an Emirates Airline cargo flight.

Despite the challenges posed on the supply and delivery processes amidst COVID-19 related lockdowns, UNICEF is ensuring the delivery of strategic supplies for children to ensure uninterrupted immunization services.

The bivalent oral polio vaccines were received by Dr Alfred Driwale, UNEPI Programme Manager and Ms Noreen Prendiville, UNICEF Deputy Representative at Entebbe airport. Dr. Alfred Driwale argued parents to take their children for immunisation.

In 2019, the Government of Uganda acknowledged the importance of immunization against various diseases to attain Sustainable Development Goal 3, which underlines the need for good health and well-being.

In October 2019, Uganda was set to immunize more than 18 million children against measles and rubella, which amounts to 43% of the country’s population. Among them, 8.2 million children younger than 9 months, or 20.5% of the population, were to receive the oral polio vaccine.

Uganda had its last Polio case in 2010 and UNICEF and partners stand committed to support the government in maintaining a Polio-free Uganda.

Some of the comments on social media

Tumwine Ivan: We have a negative attitude on those imported vaccines how I wish we could be independent.

Creezleen Ronald: This is the starting of Agenda ID 2020, those are not vaccines but chips to be injected into our kid’s body for easy remotely controlled, let’s open our eyes and refuse this.

Kibuta Ronald cornerstone :Am sorry but however much gov’t is right u can’t convince me that ur doing right to import polio vaccine and also offer MPs receiving 20millions of cash when people are just starving without food,pliz if govt is a person, think of a day u were in luck and someone had plenty” if God gives me I will also give to the needy” but what have you done?

Herny seru: As long as it’s from GAVI, MOH should be very careful as they are attached to Bill Gates foundation, their vaccines had issues in India & Kenya, until they tested and verified, I don’t trust them at all….!!!

Wokorach Jacob: No side effect of polio vaccine bring paralicity unless it was given intramuscularly, of which it might be administration error, but not vaccines, remember vaccines are first approved by WHO, before use and by UDA before used in Uganda, trust your health workers, the information coming from out all are not true only few

Kagwa Allan: Thank you but I think for now it’s corona coz how are we going to take our children to hospitals for the vaccine yet no transport and even social distance is a must.

Wasswa Ben: But MoH, when did you start announcing the arrival of vaccines in the country? Why now? You are making the population suspicious of the trial COVID 19 vaccines!

Lily Chebet: I don’t know why I feel like this is COVID19 vaccine. parents please be vigilant about these vaccines they’re bringing into the country at this period of time. Now they will start reading comments and arrest people on sedition charges. Am in my house come for me.

Deborah Da Block:Where will parents report deaths and reactions when given in Uganda? How is informed consent given to parents besides comforting words? Is the package insert presented before vaccination? Do the parents agree to all ingredients inside your vaccines? Are the parents given nutritional advice and do they have good sanitation and clean water every single day to stay healthy?

Irumba Nicholas: We have issues with GAVI vaccines but still u go-ahead to procure from them. Can’t we have the vaccine done within our boundaries since we have all it takes? Have faith in sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, they can do better than the so-called superiors THE WEST

Nakato M Precious: In Ugandan hospitals, they give ur child these funny vaccines without inquiring even. Before walking out of d labour ward my baby was handed over to me after administering their crap. Hours later am told she has an infection yet I understand u are not supposed to get some of these when sick.

Isaack Mukumbi: but who checked the validity, Genuinity, and safety of these vaccines? are they Bill Gates free influence of fighting population growth? or donations and gifts go Scotfree

Buthanga Samson: It’s a good initiative by Uganda MOH; However, I want to bring attention that the communities in Uganda want to first have a clarification about the state of the vaccine.

If I am not mistaken, there were very many voices of outcry from parents who claimed their children were vaccinated by a wrong vaccine in the recently held immunisation exercise. We have never heard any report from you people about the cases which were raised.

Secondly, at the moment, there are statements about the effects of the would be (Bill gates’)vaccine for Corona disease if it’s effected and this is a fear I as a human being have.

So, on behalf of the Ugandans, I would like us to be assured that the procurement was made from a trusted source; otherwise we have begun losing trust in the first world countries since it’s like their acts are to see Africans cease to live again(Bill gates agenda plan)

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