It is not about Big weddings! Rev. Niyonzima conducts ‘Scientific wedding’ in Kisoro

Kisoro – Ezra Ndyamugambazi and Alice Ndyamugambaki exchanged their vows in a nearly empty church on Saturday.

The wedding was only attended by essential people who included the bride and groom, best man, matron, the brother of the bride and two church leaders.

On Saturday, April 25, Kisoro residents were stunned upon setting their eyes on a wedding entourage of two cars heading to St Andrews cathedral Seseme in kisoro town with barely any decorations only the bride, groom and Entourage this kind of wedding was quite unique in the eyes of many people in kisoro town.

Before the couple was ushered into the church, they were asked to wash their hands with soap, a current norm to prevent the spread of COVID-19 the cathedral that usual houses hundreds of people, during weddings but it had in it only eight people.

The wedding was presided over by the Rev. Jonas Niyonzima the Vicar St Andrews cathedral While in church, a four-metre distance was maintained.

The couple later took their guests to a luncheon at Lake Mutanda Gorilla lodge in kisoro district.

Ndyamugambaki the groom is the manager of Lake Mutanda gorilla lodge The couple had been staying together before they tied the knot as they have two children.

Ndyamugambaki said that he had set April 18 hoping that the lockdown would be over but when it was extended, he decided to proceed and wed his wife with whom he has with two children.

Ndyamugambaki revealed that they only spent UGX 250,000 on the wedding.

“Am excited that the wedding has come to pass. Before Museveni suspended the weddings, we had already set the date and there is no way we were going to change it, our parents, relatives and friends embraced our decision to move on and we agreed with the church not to postpone very many people were eager to attend as well my friends from abroad but they could not make it ,” Ndyamugambaki said.

Rev. Niyonzima in his sermon from Corinthians 1.13 he asked the married couple to render love to each other.

He said that the diocese is open to wed anyone all those that want to be wedded as people should stop thinking that weddings are about making fancy parties.

“To avoid unnecessary expenditures, you should live within your means. Weddings are not about having big entourages and inviting many people,” Rev. Niyonzima said.

Rev. Niyonzima says that this is the first scientific wedding that diocese of Muhabura is holding.

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