Ugandans Trash Besigye Defiance Campaign

Besigye during his arrest on Monday
Besigye during his arrest on Monday

A section of Ugandans have come out to discredit any plans Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party’s Kizza Besigye may have in response to the presidential elections held last Thursday.

Besigye who was contesting under the banner of defiance lost to President Yoweri Museveni after the latter garnered 60.26% to the former’s 35.62%.

However, following the announcement of results, Besigye called upon his supporters to join him in marching to the electoral commission offices to pick the declaration forms, something many interpreted to mean a call for mass action.

“There is no way you would announce storming the Electoral commission 12 hours in advance,” Charles Rwomushana, a political and security analyst, wrote on his Facebook page on Monday.

He emphasized this while appearing Red Pepper owned 103.4juicefm’s Current Affair talkshow on Monday night, saying Besigye was being unfair to school going children and innocent youth.

“The Lords Resistance Army (LRA), an armed outfit runs for dear life when they hear the raving engine of an armored car yet Besigye wants unarmed youth to come face-to-face with these military machines. That’s unfair,” Rwomushana said.

While commenting on FDC’s claim that a police raid disrupted their move to tally their results to compare with the EC’s tally did not hold any water.

“From the FDC tally system what result did Mr Besigye get? reject the view that police action on FDC office is the hindrance. This could be coordinated from any secret place. It need not be around Mr Besigye, Ingrid and Mr Muntu. In a Liberation struggle its pertinent comrades criticize self.
We must do internal audit to assess own weaknesses. You sang Toowa…remove bus yaako…your bus and now he has brought Mamba… Rhetoric that you vote and leave the rest to me was empty,” Rwomushana wrote.


Muhereza Kyamutetera, a media guru wrote, “I do not support your message of defiance and civil unrest during this post election period. We honestly have our personal struggles to take care of- kids to pay school fees for, mouths to feed etc. My belief is that we must keep and build on every little gain we have made under Museveni. Defiance will further breakdown the economy, scare away investors, tourists and further deepen our debacle, to the extent that one day when you finally come into power, we shall have no choice but to turn against you as well.”




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