Uganda’s EC is beyond Redemption, Not even Pope can save it— Kamya

Beti Kamya


The president of Uganda Federal Alliance and the Member of Parliament aspirant for Rubaga North Betty Kamya has said that despite the pope’s visit, there is nothing he can do to save the sick Electoral Commission (EC).

MP, Bety Kamya, addressing news conference at parliament Nov. 12, 2008. PHOTO BY ROGERS OKWANY.
MP, Bety Kamya, addressing news conference at parliament Nov. 12, 2008.

While appearing on the capital gang of Capital FM on Saturday, Kamya said opposition parties have little hopes in the Electoral Commission ahead of the 2016 general elections.

“Of course with this Electoral Commission which changes rules along the process, I don’t think they will change. Even with the pope’s visit, they are beyond redemption. It is going to be just a short lived mood and then we continue normal business especially that he comes in the middle of campaigns,” Kamya said.

Abdu Katuntu the Bugwere County Member of Parliament affirmed the statements saying that; “He visits countries that need divine intervention. What informs the pope’s visit?, is it because of our history of the martyrs or about sitting governments?”

He added; “after the pope’s visit, with this Taremwa exercise, we pray and hope we have fair elections.”

Jotham Taremwa the EC spokesperson said there was no reason the EC would apologize for its partisan actions since it was only the role of the parliament to make laws which they (EC) operate under.

He further stressed that they were operating under the law to halt the mayoral elections.

“No regrets at all , I would like us to hold our sentiments, the last time we had election in the city we held them under local government act, under the KCCA act, section 3, empowers the minister for Kampala to advise the EC on the election. There was a mix, people thought that with our withholding of the mayoral elections was not in the law,” Talemwa said.

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