UK Suspends Aid To Uganda Over OPM Scam

Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi

Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi

The United Kingdom has suspended aid to Uganda with immediate effect over the corruption scandal that has since rocked the Office of the Prime Minister.

Britain’s international development department, or DFID, said in a statement on Friday that it was suspending development assistance immediately “as a result of initial evidence” from an ongoing audit.

Britain planned to give £27m (about $42m) to the East African country this year.

“Unless the government of Uganda can show that UK taxpayers’ money is going towards helping the poorest people lift themselves out of poverty, this aid will remain frozen,” the international development ministry said.

Uganda’s auditor general reported last month that money intended to help develop areas devastated by the war against the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebels had been stolen

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6 thoughts on “UK Suspends Aid To Uganda Over OPM Scam

  1. This is outrageous we need money and few individuals use their selfish interest and yet they are already better to deprive the poor withhold all their investments and chanell the money to bank of Uganda.

  2. UK under its current Prime Minister will continue to stab Ugand. I remember David Cameroon when he was visiting one of the East AFrican neigbouring countries, sadi that “the rampant corruption in Uganda will…….” this he said it before he became the Prime Minister and was the leader of the opposition party to Labour Party under Tony Blair, meaning that when he ascended to the position of the Prime Minister, he assumed all means to make Uganda suffer, but whatever he can do, even if he can cutoff all his so called aid support, Uganda will survive as it survived during the Britains black day of colonial rule to Uganda.

    However, the Uganda’s corruption should be checked with no impunity because ever since I was born, even when Amin was President, I used to know that it’s a culture to give a leader/officer something because of the service he/she has given you, and when I see all corners talking of fighting corruption in Uganda, I find it difficult to uproot because it is already in the blood of human kind.

    If I remember well, the corruption scandal even today is happening in the USA, you remember how George W. Bush won his first term presidency, there were alot of anormalies in his election and if you see USA people talking of tackling corruption, you pit a question mark?

    who is is to fight corruption? USA, UK, FRANCE? GOD knows.

  3. We in the North think that this may be the right solution to our problems in the long run bt a more workable system must be put in place so that ongoing programmes doest stall completly. Its indeed worthless for few hungry lions in yellow 2 keep on eating using our blood. For sure, the current PRDP activities is nt worth the value of money spent. Its somehow useless 2 keep spending on few individual yet the very p’ple meant 2 benefit live in abject povery!. Its nt enough 2 cut aid other than all the rotten system, why is it that whenever a big gun in NRM is named in any scandal, there is a retreat and after it, there is achange of opinion by the so called NRM law makers. Shame upon u who mind of ur stocmach more than ur fellow human being.

  4. let them take their aid. i believe we shall now be more frugal with our resources . ‘AID’ breeds waste and distorts priorities. S. Korea and other Asian tigers did not use AID to be where they are. the cutting off of so called aid is a blessing. all patriotic forces should join in the struggle against it. our independence and sovereignty are better off that way. believe me we shall prosper. welldone OPM we shall now get our independence back after 50 years.

  5. Me i support it b’se the p’ple they want to help never get that chance but the few who already have are the one who continue to benefit.Im sure the poor p’ple are not going to miss that help since they still wouldn’t get it even if they cry for help unless they call God who will be generious but our leaders to hell!!

  6. It is good that UK has suspended the AID to Uganda and i pray other should also follow suit as that will deny the thieves the source of money they have been using for enriching themselves. After all the AID has not been reaching the targeted people so they dont have anything to lose.This guys are used to their government inflicted poverty and have not been even aware that the so called government has been receiving AID on their behalf to help them sort out the problems their own government inflicted on them.

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