Unanswered Questions Surrounding AK47’s Brutal Death

Dejavu Bar and Lounge is now a no go zone (Photo by Stuart Yiga)

As investigations into the mysterious death of Emmanuel Mayanja alias AK47 by police continues, police have come out with ten key unanswered questions on which they want to base their investigations to enable them net the possible executors.

Dejavu Bar and Lounge is now a no go zone (Photo by Stuart Yiga)
Dejavu Bar and Lounge is now a no go zone (Photo by Stuart Yiga)

Besides the government analytical laboratory report which is being awaited to enable police draws its conclusion into the investigations, the Police Spokes person Fred Enanga told Red pepper that, if need be, they may also approach the Mayanja family to hear from them.

It should be remembered that, instead of burying him in Mpigi District, where other family members have been taken, AK47’s parents decided to bury him as far as Kalangaalo Sub County in Mityana District.

The first question is that, was AK47 murdered on orders of Dejavu bar manager or not, and if true, who heard him passing the orders to his mercenaries’?

If he was found with the wound on his head when he ‘Collapsed’ inside the urinal as it is alleged, how comes police failed to at least get some blood stains from the scene of crime?

At his tender age, what could have compelled his tormenters to ‘kill’ him, did he have landed a big paying deal or not, and if so, whom was he competing with in that deal?

Could it be Karamagi’s ghost that is haunting Jose Chameleon’s family or not and if so, why did it pick AK47 other than his wife or children if not Chameleon himself?

The Late AK 47
The Late AK 47

Could it be his brother Chameleon that plotted for his death because AK47 had abandoned his Leon Island Entertainment crew or not, and if so, why now and not earlier when the two had just separated?

Did he take excessive narcotics that made him lose conscience to the extent that when he entered inside the urinal, he decided to hit his head on the wall or it was just an accident that  he suddenly collapsed and in the process fell backward, leading to his death?

Was his falling as a result of the scuffle between the deceased and his tormenters, or it was just an accidental thing, if so, what are the indications to prove this? Perhaps, Police Fred Enanga said, they have not yet classified the incident as homicide.

If he was attacked and beaten badly, how comes besides the wound on his head, the rest of the parts of his body were found intact, right from the teeth, neck, among others?

How did the deceased’s car reach the behind parking, and why did he park there, when he fell, who witnessed him falling, was he possessed by demons, or he was just drunk, how comes the nature of the wound he sustained on the head looks as if it was caused by a sharp object not just a mere wall?

It should be recalled that, when he fell back wards as it is alleged, he started bleeding from the mouth and the nose without even informing the Kabalagala Police which was a stone throw from the scene?

Although he was blocked from reaching the grave yard, brother to the deceased, Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleon is not facing any interrogations according to Enanga.

“I wonder why journalists want to link the matter to Chameleon, if you really attended the burial, you saw how the people surrounded him just because they wanted to pay a glance at him being a celebrity, his body guards tussled them out and for the purposes of avoiding the stampede, we as Police decided to advice him to keep indoor a thing that has been misinterpreted by journalists!” Enanga explained.

However, some members of ‘Team No Sleep’ especially those that were last spotted hanging out with the deceased before he died, the manager, Jeff Kianuka, including the Dejavu bar manager Stephen Kisenyi (released on police bond), and the bar body guards, shall be quizzed in connection to AK47’s mysterious death.

Meanwhile, police is also analyzing some suspected opium substances which were recovered at the scene with intent to finding out whether they have in any way, a connection to the death of the deceased.

On the other hand, Balamu Barugahare together with Andrew Benon Kibuuka on Friday evening led a group of artistes and met Gerald Mayanja, his wife prossy Mayanja and the widow to the late AK47.

The group pledged to accomplish the house which the deceased had started on.

Among the items they handed over upon their commitment to helping the completion of the house included, 50 bags of cement, bricks worth shs.600,000/-, window and door glasses, among others.

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