UNTOLD STORY: Why Mivule Ronald Stands a Great Chance in the EALA Race

As the battle for the seat for Member of Parliament in the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) 2022-2027 heats up, National Resistance Movement (NRM)’s Ronald Mivule’s acts of humility, generosity and hard work have earned him a place in the hearts of legislators across the entire Ugandan political sphere.

Ronald Mivule

Uganda will be joining other countries to  select representatives  in the EALA for the 2022-2027 term whose cardinal function in the furtherance of Community objectives include; legislative, representative and oversight mandate.

According to information from Ugandan Parliament, most of the legislators regard Mivule as a generous nationalist and a youthful Pan-Africanist who has selflessly served both the NRM Party and country. He is viewed as a loyal and prized mobiliser of the NRM Party.

Mivule, who is in late 30s served as the Chairperson of the Uganda Management Institute (UMI) Alumni Association for 7 years .UMI is a Ugandan government-owned national center for training, research, and consultancy in the field of management and administration.

A renowned outspoken mobiliser at both regional and National level, Mivule holds a Masters in Management Studies from UMI.

A Management Consultant and a scholar, Mivule holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, Post Graduate Diploma in Project Planning, Bachelor of Economics and is a certified project management professional.

Mivule was a Member of the UMI Governing Council for the past 7 years serving as Chairperson Quality Assurance committee.

Prior to professional roles and leadership at UMI, Mivule was Chairperson of the ‘Vote NRM taskforce Nakawa’, a vibrant Political outfit which combed support for the ruling government ahead of the 2021 general presidential elections.

Ugandans know Mivule as a media personality who has turned studios a regular subject appearing on several Radios and TV talk shows.

‘’Given his exposure, academic background and leadership  skills, Mivule can effectively legislate, liaise with the National Assemblies of the Partner States on matters relating to the Community, debate and approve the budget of the Community, consider annual reports on the activities of the Community, annual audit reports of the Audit Commission and any other reports referred to it by the Council and discuss all matters pertaining to the Community and make recommendations to the Council as it may deem necessary for the implementation of the Treaty as Article 49 of the Treaty stipulates’’, said an NRM MP from Kabarole.

EAC Headquarters in Arusha Tanzania

Richard Obua, a Political analyst says Mivule has a National appeal; ‘’He is a Muganda but has roots in western Uganda because his mother is Munyankole making him also a son from the land of the milk and therefore enjoys support from the MPs from western Uganda’’, said Obua.

He noted that Mivule has roots from the Kyabazinga land of Busoga and most likely the legislators from the region will support him overwhelmingly.

Sources told our reporter that another outstanding factor sailing Mivule into EALA Parliament is ‘Muhoozi Factor’ which is embracing the new crop of leaders (Generational leaders).

Muhoozi ,whose supporters have of late branded him as ‘Standby generator ‘ has been traversing the country for the celebration of his 48th birthday and its evident that he has a following across the country from all regions.

‘’ The Vision of the East African Legislative Assembly is to be: An effective and independent Regional Parliament. This can only be achieved when we have the likes of Mivule who can legislate, do oversight and represent the people of East Africa in a bid to foster economic, social, cultural and political integration’’, added another Female MP from the Kyabazinga land ,Busoga.

Another legislator from Ngora (Name withheld) also told our reporter that they believe Mivule is a suitable candidate, arguing that he will be able to represents the countries interests given his articulateness and understanding of the law.

Speaking to our reporter, Mivule said region has an advantage of its population size which he termed a resource for the EAC and which must be involved in decision making.

‘’I am one of the few Ugandans who strongly believe that one day we shall have the political federation of East Africa and the whole Africa. I strongly believe that if we educate our people the importance of this integration they will definitely support it. My emphasis in this campaign is the involvement of the people; once we leave the people behind this integration will be a nightmare’’, he told our reporter.

He added that; “If there is wealth of the East African region, it is the population of the region. It is one of the most important factors and the reason why they should be involved. The population of the EAC can be a wealth creator made up of producers of goods and services through offering skilled, unskilled and intellectual competencies as well as consumers and all this results from good leadership and people’s involvement’’, he added .

The East African Legislative Assembly (Assembly) is an organ of the East African Community; established under Article 9 of the Treaty for the Establishment of the East African Community.

The Treaty establishing the East African Community was signed on 30th November 1999 and entered into force on 7th July 2000 by the Partner States.

Under the Treaty, the Assembly has a Membership comprising members elected by each Partner State; ex-officio members consisting of the Minister or Assistant Minister responsible for the East African Community Affairs from each Partner State; the Secretary General and the Counsel to the Community.

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