Unveiling the Mayanja, AK47 Widow, Semanyi Feud

The Late AK 47

Last week on Thursday marked exactly four months since dancehall singer Emmanuel Mayanja aka AK47 died.

The Late AK 47
The Late AK 47


But even as the ‘Champion’ crooner lies beneath the surface of Busato village in Mityana district, his death continues to court as much controversy as his illustrious musical life.

A year before his death, AK47’s wife Nnalongo Maggie Kiweesi was reportedly seeing a then real estate agent with Millennium Estates called Isaac Semanyi Ssozi whose face has since inundated media pages and explosive social media sites with aggressive intent.


On a hot afternoon a week after AK47 died, Nnalongo’s parents accompanied by a lawyer, stormed the house of Mzeeyi Gerald Mayanja located in Seguku along Entebbe road to ask for the transfer of the deceased artiste’s house into Nnalongo’s names; a suggestion Mzeeyi Mayanja out rightly declined. “She (Nnalongo) is free to stay in the house for as long as she wants – with the children – but can never have the house in her names.  The house must be in all the children’s names,” Mayanja said with the finality of a judge. The contentious house has since remained empty. At this point, a visibly hysterical Nnalongo exited the Mayanja homestead with anger that has defined her demeanor to-date and made her speak of the Mayanjas with undisguised fury. “Those are not AK47’s children,” she has repeatedly said even when the Mayanjas recognize them as their own blood.


Sources have told this reporter that Nnalongo is not suffering as she claims to be. “All her children are British citizens and she was given a free council two bed roomed house in United Kingdom as a single mum but she decided to rent it out and spend the money in Uganda which is illegal in UK. So, for her to run to the media to tarnish the Mayanja family, is an attention seeking stunt meant to fight off her co-wives especially Marian Abdul with whom AK bore a son,” the source said of the widow with a fetish for sleeping with much younger boys. It has emerged that the father of one of her daughters (Babirye) who lives in London is ‘another younger boy’ while she started dating AK47 when he was 16!


Also, before AK47 met his death, rumours blossomed that the twins might after all not belong to AK47 because Nnalongo had been seeing other men notably a Uganda Cranes’ footballer who also reportedly complained how Nnalongo ‘gave his twins to the Mayanjas.’

Just like tales of a faked orgasm thrive, doubts have been cast on Nnalongo’s penitence following AK47’s death. “She didn’t actually show genuine signs of mourning. This was manifested when she had the courtesy to post a video recording of herself in the funeral service van on the way to the burial. She very probably knew she was never loved,” an insider noted.

Semanyi feeds Nalongo in a undated photo
Semanyi feeds Nalongo in a undated photo

When contacted for a comment, Nnalongo who has been as elusive as an eel declined to comment. “I am sorry I can’t comment as I am driving and cops will arrest me,” she said before hanging up. Repeated messages to get a comment were futile by press time.


Most Ugandans don’t know Isaac Semanyi Ssozi who for unknown reasons wants Nnalongo to get the late AK47’s house in her names; a house the Mayanja family claims belongs to all AK47’s ‘countless children’.

According to a former classmate at Makerere University, Semanyi dropped out of the Social Sciences class after accumulating a record 10 retakes ‘from the easiest subjects’. He was due to graduate in 2010, but didn’t. Frustrated, he joined Millennium Estates as a broker where he was eventually fired for misappropriation of unspecified millions of company funds. During that lull, he started secretly seeing Nnalongo behind AK47’s back. According to a source, he was living in an ‘empty house’ in Mutundwe that Nnalongo was forced to equip with an assortment of household items like a fridge, television set and extra mattresses.

Those who have interacted with Semanyi say, he exhibits rare oratory flair with a blend of poetry while believing he is God’s infinite gift to women including widows! A story is told that when their dating was still in its infancy, Nnalongo was struggling to raise money to complete the purchase of a plot of land in one of Kampala’s dingy suburbs. She had paid shs7m of the required shs13m and was aggressively looking for the balance. Being the smooth operator he is, Semanyi told her that the balance (shs6m) was very little money which she shouldn’t lose sleep over. As it turned out, he reneged on his pledge as Nnalongo is yet to get the title of the said plot.

Also, Semanyi’s pursuit of the opposite sex is as well documented as the legendary Mexican, Don Juan who left over 1000 women sexually satisfied. “While at school, he slept in the sick bay with a girl called Shidah until they were caught. At campus, it became worse as any money he got was just for getting girls. He ensnared his mother and sold off her land title, got money and rented an apartment in Bugolobi where he mounted women with worrying precision. When the money got finished, he went back to a one bed roomed house in Kabusu,” the source said adding that Semanyi was once publicly severely beaten by a one HB Matovu for stealing money from a car dealer.


To understand how the Mayanja brothers have fallen out with their sister in law (Nnalongo), at the beginning of this month, an incensed Humphrey Mayanja, an elder brother to AK47 posted on his Facebook timeline that, “It is more profitable to buy a car and immediately wreck it or take friends on a drinking binge than marrying an ignorant woman.” As the post was immediately inundated by comments, singer Bobi Wine asked him to take heart while Semanyi asked, “Bobi, did we contribute money for the kids or for the Mayanja family?” before asking him (Bobi Wine) to “kindly advise those idiots.” This is just the beginning of a foul-tasting fallout!

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