UPDF Deploys Doctors To Civilian Hospitals

20th November 2017


The UPDF Doctors are already deployed in the field to support current efforts to save lives following the industrial action by medical workers.

The Army is putting at the disposal of the wanainchi some of its highly qualified doctors that have been instrumental in saving lives of soldiers and civilians in the many operational areas. This deployment is being coordinated by Col Dr Stephen Kusasira (pictured above), the UPDF Director of Medical Services who holds an MBCHB and Master of Medicine in Obstetrics and Gynaecology from Makerere University.

SERVICE: UPDF’s Dr Patrick Otim working on a patient at Kirudu Referral Hospital

The team is already at both Kiruddu and Kawempe hospitals providing both emergency and specialized services. Some of the medical officers deployed include; Dr Ronald Oboth, Dr Gideon Nuwagira and Dr Patrick Otim among others. The insinuations that these officers are not qualified are unfortunate to say the least. UPDF will not be deterred from its historical duty to serve the people.

The UPDF health units totalling more than 109 will as usual continue to provide health support to the people in those areas. This is what a revolutionary force can best offer on top of peace and security.


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8 thoughts on “UPDF Deploys Doctors To Civilian Hospitals

  1. Can some knowledgeable Ugandan tell me how many doctors UPDF has and how many are needed at Mulago alone. Ihear many medical personnel in the army prefer going to Somalia where there is big allowance ! Well, let us pray that these people are qualified to take on posts of consultants in government hospitals.

    1. Updf doctors are no different from civilian doctors. I think they attended the same training with civilian doctors, in fact some are more qualified and specialised. So the issue of qualifications and expertise I think is a slip of tongue. I wish to thank our dear brothers and sisters of UPDF for being pro citizens.

  2. The issue about Doctor’s industrial action is not only salaries BUT supplies, Is the dictator going to make available these supplies now that the Doctors not civilians who are paid a pantry salary BUT military? (by the way, they are also paid pea nut BUT order ni order).

  3. It wasn’t a right move for doctors to abandon their duties,,,so happy museveni stepped up and allocated updf personell to help in various hospitals..atlist someone still cares

    1. some of you Ugandans are shallow minded,actually fools ,please is you dnt have anything meaningful to say just keep your stinky mouth shut,
      how many doctors does PDF has and how many are needed,this is pure arrogance on the museveni side,because him self and his tribes men when their sick they go out of the country.

  4. Thanks to doctors of Updf and police for your support and care, lets watch the space and see this mess of Doctors how it will end ,Who are demanding more funds and yet doctors of Police and Updf are paid pea nut but still ve a country heart.

  5. Guys and fellow citizens,to me things are slipping off the hands of the government.Why not solve the route of the problem instead of putting temporary solution.Its like when you have malaria and then u swallow panadol just to relieve u from headache and and other related body pain temporarily but u r not treating malaria which is the major cause of the discomfort.What about the combatants who are our relatives,brothers,sisters and In laws ? aren’t they in-need of the Drs? I rest my case.

  6. If Doctor’s are not willing to help the civilians , then the UPDF should play the role because they are Ugandan who submitted their entire life to protect Ugandans and care for us let them do the job i don’t care how many doctors does Mulago hospital need to serve life! it s doctor to treat and God to heal let these doctor accept their role cater for Ugandans. Then if they, civilian doctors don’t care then their heartless official in their office , For God an my country.

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