President Museveni who is the National Resistance Movement (NRM) presidential candidate has rubbished former Prime Minister’s campaign slogan “Go Forward,” arguing that Uganda under the NRM regime is already going forward.


Addressing the party first presidential elections rally in Luweero today, Museveni repeated the earlier remarks he made on Saturday while launching the party Manifesto that Uganda is already going forward.

“Where will they (Amama Mbabazi and his supporters) pass? NRM went forward long ago before those saying go forward,” he said.

Last week, Museveni argued that people cannot stand on a rally and say they are going forward unless they solve challenges that that National Resistance Movement has already tackled.

“You cannot stand on rally and say am forward, am forward. You can’t go forward unless you solve earlier stages. By solving these stages (like children failing to go to school), we are going forward.”

Responding to Besigye’s change slogan, he argued that Uganda is already progressing. “Besigye wants change. Change what? There is progress.”

Veteran Money

Museveni said that veterans will be paid though government has prioritised roads sector first.

“We have not forgotten you; We had to prioritize roads that take up UGX3,000Bn.”

On transforming the army, Muaseveni said that National Resistance Movement has reigned on the army, made it a disciplined and strong one able to repel bad elements like Kony.

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  1. Change from corruption, patronage, rotten hospitals, UPE poor quality and many other ills. Apparently Museveni has lost touch with reality and thinks there is so much progress and he ought to stay! What a backward mentality!

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