WEIRD! Brazilian Man To Marry His Pet Goat

Aparecido Castaldo, 74 with his unusual bride Camelita.

A Brazilian man is to wed his pet goat – but has promised not to consummate the marriage.

Aparecido Castaldo, 74, will trot down the aisle with his beloved Carmelita on Oct. 13 after deciding he wants to spend the rest of his days with her.

Aparecido Castaldo, 74 with his unusual bride Camelita.
Aparecido Castaldo, 74 with his unusual bride Camelita.

The news, which some have speculated is a hoax, has reportedly sparked outrage in his home city of Jundiai in Sao Paulo state.

But the former stonecutter says there’s nothing seedy about the upcoming nuptials and has promised never to sexually consummate the bizarre union.

Aparecido has been in love with the pet for two years and says a goat has advantages over a human companion.

“She doesn’t speak and doesn’t want money,’ says the father of eight children ’ four women and four men from four different marriages.”

“Whenever someone says I am doing something wrong, I reply the goat does not speak, ask for money to go shopping and doesn’t get pregnant, and she can’t talk,” he added.

There have, however, been some logistical problems with the plans for the big day.

Paraiba reports that Carmelita ate her first wedding dress. But luckily she has since found a second one to wear for the special occasion.

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  1. where is the world heading to…i wanna know in which he is going to marry the hell of a goat i hope its not in the catholic church or God save us from the savage of this world

  2. If live in America, this behavior is not strange. Men and women sleep with thwir pet on the same bed. They kiss them, snuggle with them etc. They call them husbands and children. They bequeath property to them. They have life and medicatl insurance etc. The brazilian just took it to the higher level. If it happens, whichever church does it, humankind is gone.

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