Why M7 Floored Mbabazi, Besigye

A report into why NRM presidential candidate Yoweri Museveni floored his rivals Kizza Besigye and Amama Mbabazi has exclusively leaked.


The report titled ‘CANDIDATE YK MUSEVENI VICTORY VERSUS OTHERS’ was penned two days prior to the voting day.

The report was compiled by the NRM Buganda task force. It is signed by their secretary Patrick Nakabaale.

The report suggests that Mbabazi and Besigye lost out of the race because they lacked structures in addition to concentrating on town votes yet Museveni went deep in the villages.

The report also recommends that Bwanika should vie for MP seat or simply join NRM, while Baryamureeba was destined for a loss because he is a poor manager given his history at Makerere University as vice chancellor.

In this report, it gives an analysis of the strength and weaknesses of all candidates and Museveni himself.

In this briefing, we reveal the partial report [verbally] and why Museveni had to win according to this brief.


As a junior to President Museveni, he has no clout to usher in any recognisable change.

His manifesto, if one studied it critically, is full of wishful thinking with unrealistic work plans and timelines.

It’s too fictitious to relate to Uganda as it is.

Someone who says he wants to rule for 5 years cannot do much other than fulfil a longing for power.

On the campaign trail, Mr Mbabazi failed to establish himself as a viable candidate capable of garnering decisive mandate.

Mbabazi suffered symbolic defeat when he vowed to win the party ticket of NRM for Presidency but failed to even make it to the nominations, having realised that he was too unpopular to defeat the incumbent and others who were interested.

He failed to convince President Museveni (and later Dr Besigye in TDA) to step down for him, how can he convince Ugandans to vote him?

To win an election, Mbabazi needs the support of President Museveni/NRM which he doesn’t have in this case.

He has been abandoned by a significant number of supporters who were disillusioned with the trend of his campaigns.

These include prominent personalities, Poor Youth and even family who are no longer visible in his programmes.


The FDC candidate was taking a fourth shot at the Presidency.

Tribute must be paid to him for becoming a common figure at Uganda’s elections.

He is a testimony of the prevalence of democracy in this country although he often attributes his losing to unseen factors.

His party, FDC, doesn’t have structures. It also doesn’t know how many members/voters they have.

In some localities, they had no agents at polling stations.

In previous elections, Dr Besigye and FDC failed to field candidates in over half of the constituencies and it is the same story today.

Dr Besigye failed to convince Amama Mbabazi to step down for him in TDA, so how can he convince Ugandans to vote him?

Prof. Gilbert Bukenya abandoned his unprincipled attempts at alliances and returned to bolster President Museveni’s campaign, dealing TDA an irredeemable major blow.

Dr Besigye always claims his votes are stolen yet when his MPs win he never says their election was unfair.

Now he says he will appoint NRM ministers to his cabinet.

By this he admits that he can’t win since NRM always commands a majority in Parliament and other levels of leadership.

By this he is trying to appeal to NRM for support but it’s too late to help.

Besigye discouraged Ugandans from registering to vote.

Those who believed him aren’t on the voter’s roll which means he disenfranchised his own supporters.

Besigye caused Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago to fail to govern Kampala by always interfering in his work.

While he preaches defiance, meaning taking on the authorities using force, his own family is safe overseas. He doesn’t care for the poor Ugandan.

Dr Besigye says President Museveni has impoverished Ugandans but on his campaigns he goes around collecting money from the people.

Meaning; he is taking away the little they have.


Up to now I failed to trace even one member of Afande Biraaro’s Farmer’s Party. Not even a leader. He has no structures. How can he win an election?

Biraaro is a good example that soldiers who choose to retire are free to do so except when they conduct themselves in a fashion prejudicial to national stability.

As a former commandant of Senior Command and Staff College, Kimaka, candidate Biraaro knows that President Museveni is the best Commander-In-Chief Uganda has ever had.

That’s why he agreed to serve him to such high positions.

His ideas for the Agriculture sector can be incorporated with the NRM framework so he should consider stepping down for candidate Museveni.


Candidate Baryamureeba cannot win this election. He has no structures and no command among the electorate.

He left Makerere University, where he was Vice Chancellor, under acrimonious circumstances. How can he manage to run the whole of Uganda?

Prof. Baryamureeba is a fine ICT guru. We shouldn’t lose his expertise and talent in that field.

I suggest to President Museveni to appoint Prof. Baryamureeba to an important post in the ICT sector.


Kyalya is a manifestation of NRM’s affirmative action policy which has brought women to the fore.

If it were not that, she is hardly known anywhere to have impact but because she is a woman, she means a lot to NRM.

She failed to run the office of Presidential Advisor (on Alleviation of Poverty in Busoga). How can she manage the back-breaking office of President?

Ms Kyalya runs a campaign on social media targeting so called Westerners.

How can she win when she is attacking an entire voting bloc?

This is why Museveni will defeat her and others in Busoga and elsewhere.


The good pastor has no structures on the ground to mobilise for him. He even has no agents to guard his votes.

In Uganda, getting voters to attend at the polling station is as important as the outcome.

Dr Bwanika is therefore of little bargain for the Presidency.

Next time he should contest for Member of Parliament or join NRM.

He also lacks ground structures and most Ugandans aren’t familiar with him.


He also lacks ground structures and most Ugandans aren’t familiar with him.

The report suggests that Musevenbi had an upper hand against his rivals because he moved with his wife around the country in the hunt for votes.

According to the report, restored confidence among the masses that he will fight the morals of this country

Secondly, being a general, peace is at his heart not only for Uganda but also keeping a neighbourhood watch over Somalia, South Sudan, Kenya among others.

The report accuses Besigye of calling himself a doctor yet he runs no known clinic as a Doctor apart from his walk to work.

The report suggests that whereas Besigye’s kids are abroad, Museveni  children are working and giving service to Local Ugandans.

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