Abed Bwanika Concedes Defeat

Dr. Abed Bwanika


Salutations to the people of Uganda for the extraordinary energy you displayed during the National Elections, as evidenced by your high turnout both at the campaign rallies and the polling day.

Dr. Abed Bwanika
Dr. Abed Bwanika

For the sake of our people and unity of our nation I offer my concession.

I have had a lot of opportunities and blessing in my life and all I wanted was the same for all Ugandans. Until that day comes, you shall find me at the forefront of democracy fighting for all Ugandans.

Special thanks go to those gallant Ugandans who put confidence in candidate Dr. Abed Bwanika and accorded him a vote.  You are foresighted and your vote is a seed into the desired future.

Painfully, I would like to state that by all standards, the 2016 National Elections fell far from free and fair exercise and negatively impacted on the democratic path of our nation.

In regard to compliance, the electoral commission performed below average and in many areas very poorly.

The delayed delivery of electoral materials to several polling stations especially those perceived to be opposition strongholds raises many questions on the competence and credibility of the electoral management body not only now but also in future.

The omission of polling results from thousands of polling stations in the final tally, as announced by the Chairman of the Electoral Commission, was deliberate and unfortunate.

Like many Ugandans, I am still disturbed about the source of results that Electoral Commission used in the tally centre at Namboole having listened to different results on the media on Thursday evening.  I demand for proof of results and the declaration of results forms from all polling stations.

The seizer of pre-ticketed ballot papers in several areas of the country and the declaration of losers as winners especially members’ of parliament in a number of constituents is a question of credibility for the electoral body in Uganda.

The outcome of this elections as announced by Dr Badru Kiggundu left many Ugandans in shock and still grappling with the way forward as manifested by the National silence that has engulfed the Nation since then.

There are options to remedy the situation

The many Ugandans who are aggrieved may choose a court option and seek redress from the Supreme Court.  Our recent experience with the courts of law on issues of political adjudication is bitter and sour.

The second option is for the people of Uganda to put pressure on the establishment and demand respect in regard to their rights and vote expression. This option is always not predictable in terms of direction and cost to the Nation.  It is the most tempting and likely to render the nation into a direction not desired by any of us. We need to count the cost in terms of both human loss and the economy.  In the recent past Uganda has payed huge price in this area, do we want to pay another price.

The third and best option would be a Government of national unity.   The elders’ council and credible religious leaders should foster this option as the best way to avert the impending chaos and destruction that may result out of prevailing anger. This option is the best but most difficult because it calls for great humility and compromise from all establishments.  Uganda must be the thing and any peace loving person should be able to give up value to secure a peaceful Uganda.

If this process ever succeeds, my greatest respect and honour will forever go to both Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye the most aggrieved and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who has the mantle.

The People’s Development Party (PDP) ideas will remain available to Ugandans online, via www.abedbwanika.ug.

I rest my case.


Dr Abed Bwanika

Peoples Development Party

Presidential candidate, 2016

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