TONNY G. OWANA: A Word of Advice to Uganda’s Future Leaders Already in Leadership

Ugandan Veteran journalist, Tony Owana. (FILE PHOTO)

Fellow Ugandans, it is becoming more and more apparent that to sections of the Opposition, some of our youthful leaders have no other value to the Opposition cause apart from dying suddenly, violently, mysteriously or carelessly.

As I write, there is a young MP who was “fatally assaulted by security forces” sometime back, who has once again been “fatally assaulted by security forces” and died again or is dying again. Check the dictionary for the word FATAL.

Why dying again and again? Because apart from the chaos that is expected to ensue from his demise, the young man adds little or no value.

He is more useful dead, preferably killed, than alive to see 2050.

It is sad to note that many young politicians already elected to positions of responsibility do not yet feel the responsibility and get lured into trying the journey to Hades, which has no return ticket…

Stay alive until Ugandans vote Yoweri and his NRM out, then ask them for the keys to State House.

Short of this, your reckless behaviour will ensure that you have a great future BEHIND you…

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