YOGA YOGA: Esther Gets Shs500m For Song

Esther Nabaasa

Esther at Kololo ready to perform is Shs500m richer

Fresh details have since emerged how President Museveni brokered peace between Esther Nabaasa with Richard Kaweesa. According to reliable info the President agreed to compensate the complainant in the copyright ownership of the official 50th Independence Golden jubilee song ‘Yoga Yoga Uganda’, Esther and her hubby Mugisha with a bounty sum of Shs500m.

According to reliable info, in a meeting chaired by his Excellency at State House, Nakasero before Independence, Museveni told an excited Esther that she would be compensated. He even ordered his aides to make sure the money is wired to her account.
Represented by their lawyers of Karuhanga, Tabaro & Associates, Esther and hubby had dragged Kaweesa to court for what they termed as “Copyright Infringement of Yoga Yoga.”
And Commercial court’s Justice Wilson Musalu had decided to slap an injunction barring anyone to use the song in any form until the two parties (Esther Nabaasa and Richard Kaweesa) had resolved their dispute.

It was no wonder after the meeting with M7 that a visibly excited Esther immediately updated her facebook status that; “The Yoga Yoga conflict resolved at last. Never be afraid to stand up for yourself and for what is right and true. One can never put a price on truth and integrity, and we must strive to preserve that always. And when someone wrongs you and they take responsibility and apologize with sincerity be willing to forgive and forge ahead. This is the example I would like to set.
Happy Jubilee celebrations everyone!”

Esther later performed the song at Kololo Airstrip on Independence day with a huge smile cutting across her lips well aware at the back of his mind that her account balance was also smiling.

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14 thoughts on “YOGA YOGA: Esther Gets Shs500m For Song

  1. Yeee yet Stephen Kipriokit just got 200,000,000 from the president, Sam Kakoma wasn’t even paid for the anthem and died with out receiving his 500,000,000.

    1. Mukasa Get your facts and history right,
      1st Kakoma was paid some money which he turned downed that it was less and went to court, i bet if the family will win that case, the reason takes me to the second point,

      When the need for the national anthem rose, an advert was published then and a prize was put for who ever won( the song that will become the national anthem), and kakoma got the prize, now what the govt owes the late is just “akasimo” not payments.

  2. Seriously this is so unfair…i do appreciate the song but i do not find this fair that people are starving and being thrown out of the city by authorities without offering them appropriate places to relocate. We have no hospital facilities e.g ambulances, medication etc. Yet when Esther goes to court over a song she is simply with no sweat of thought handed a whooping 500m. Were is the Love….?

  3. Fair enough. But and again but, what happens with the hundreds of ex-ISO veterans whose terminal benefits and gratuity has stayed un attended to by the ministry of Finance and the Attorney General’s office. Mr. President these retired operatives always worked in the interest of the government and the State. All avenues have been used for a very legal solution. Thanks.

  4. That is the real jubilee celebration! Ca nt believe my eyes on what am reading but ppl are dieing with no medical care, education is worse than before caurse of low morale from the teachers, roads in bad shape ever to mention just afew and one person gets 500 milion tax payers money, god bless our mother land!

  5. We need to stop ranting over everything. M7 and team were disatisfied with the then government, they did something about it. If you have any disatisfaction how things are being run today, how tax payers money is being wasted while the tax payer himself is left at the mercy of Indians, Chinese, nature and destitution, then dont just rant and complain, do something about it.

  6. Am so disappointed that am lost of words, thats howi could summarize my frustration, kindly approve.

  7. aha wen we talk people think we dont appreciate but sincerely 500 m for wha?most Ugandans dont even know the song,its not even a hit,she should have received some mny but not that much we still have alot to do.poor uganda,we are 50 but we are acting like we are at 1,000,the country is still so badly off to waste money like that.anyway i gues you can tel y she got it.bebali munkintu wakati

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