Your Rights are Limited, Kaweesi Tells Journalists

Andrew Kaweesi

Andrew Felix Kaweesi, the Kampala Metropolitan Commander, has today told journalists that their rights are limited.

Andrew Kaweesi
Andrew Kaweesi

At a peaceful demonstration holding placards calling for Free Press and Speech, the journalists sat down in the middle of the road and demanded that Kaweesi address them.

This followed their failed attempt to access the closed Daily Monitor main entrance with police blockading the road with barbed wire and anti-riot officers.

Led by the Uganda Human Rights Network for Journalists and Monitor Editors Chris Obore and Charles Mwanguhya, the journalists demanded to know why they could not move and demonstrate infront of the Daily Monitor offices.

The journalists under the campaign occupy Daily Monitor and Red Pepper then engaged Kaweesi asking him whether Daily Monitor would be opened. He responded saying that the paper shall be opened but would not make a commitment on when it would happen.

Monitor editors and journalists then got to the cause of the problem by asking Kaweesi why police has not asked  the coordinator for Intelligence Services General David Sejusa for the letter instead of the media houses.  They challenged the police to bring evidence that General Sejusa had denied writing the letter.

Kaweesi explained that when they get the letter, they will then ask the General to either confirm or deny.

The journalists then started chanting Oyee for all the closed media houses with thumbs down for Kaweesi.

After failing to come to an agreement with the Kampala Metropolitan commander, the journalists went in the middle of the road and started stopping vehicles asking the drivers and passengers to support their cause as they held their placards high, singing freedom is coming tomorrow. In turn, drivers started hooting in support as they drove past.

Earlier today Arinaitwe Rugyendo told URN that the police had informed their management that they had completed their search at the Publications’ offices in Namanve.

Kaweesi could neither confirm nor deny the development saying that they have got all the documents but will need to confirm if they are the appropriate ones. He could however not confirm how long the Monitor publications search will continue.

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