Your Wife is Drier Than Zari — Gitawo tells Mbuga

Mbibo passionately holding Vivian

The bad blood between South Africa based businessmen Suleiman Kabangala Mbuga and Chris Cameroon Gitawo Is not about to end, going by recent development.

Mbibo passionately holding Vivian
Mbibo passionately holding Vivian

A week after Mbuga exposed the TMT member as a conman, Gitawo has retaliated.

According to sources, Gitawo has shot back at the pencil thin dude telling him that his wife Angela Vivian Birungi is dry as a rock in a desert.

The sangoma is said to have made these remarks a few days back as a way of getting back at Mbuga for referring to him as conman.

This comes after it emerged that Gitawo and Vivian send the whole of last weekend holed up in a hotel room in South Africa.

Sources reveal that Vivian flew from Sweden where she is based to South Africa to spend time with Gitawo.

In fact the two were snapped together last Saturday and in one of the pictures, the two appear to be entering a hotel room together.

Eyewitnesses intimate that both Gitawo and Vivian emerged from there hours later all looking knackered and dehydrated like they just completed a 21km marathon.

SK Mbuga
SK Mbuga

It was after this that Gitawo revealed that Mbuga’s beef was not about money as he made the public believe initially.

Gitawo said this in a video clearing the air regarding the feud where he stated that Mbuga’s issue with him isn’t over money but a woman.

“SK Mbuga is just hiding behind the financial issues but his problem is all about Gitawo being close to his wife” intimates a source.

It has since further been revealed that Gitawo and Mbuga’s wife have been worryingly close for a long time and that the latter was aware but still went ahead and married her.

Close pals to Vivian intimate that she spent time with Gitawo to get back at Mbuga for reuniting with his longtime on and off lover Leila Kayondo.

Mbuga with Birungi at their introduction ceremony
Mbuga with Birungi at their introduction ceremony

Vivian claimed that before she introduced Mbuga to her parents last year, Mbuga promised to cut all ties with the struggling singer.

However, she was shocked to learn that Mbuga and Leila are back together and that he even facilitated her recent birthday party with Shs10m plus a new ride.

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