YOU’RE SHAMELESS & INSENSITIVE! M7 Minister, Siblings, AMISOM boss fight over deceased mother’s grave


A tug-of-war and cross-accusations have heated up between Hon. Hellen Grace Asamo, the Minister of Disabilities, her two siblings, Isaac Eryaku and Martha Atai. All these three are children of the late Phoebe Auma Iyapo, who died on 15. 09.2021. That means that when the old man Obumak, who had married the old lady Auma, decided to go back to their home in Kamod, Serere District, where the family gave her land to settle with her children who include: Hellen Grace Asamo, the now Minister of Persons with Disabilities, Isaac Eryaku her follower and Atai Marther their last born. The old man Obumak is suspected to have been killed by rebels at the times of insurgency where his body was never recovered up to today, which made his wife resort to squatting in their home in Kamod.

The old lady did all she could to bring up her children, educating them all, till Hellen Rose became a teacher and then an MP for People of Disabilities, where President Museveni made her Minister.

Sometime, there was a disagreement between the Minister Asamo and her mother Phoebe. Even so, Asamo fled to Tororo where she lives with her family, meaning that Eryaku and his sister Atai built their mother an iron-roofed house and a toilet when her condition worsened.

The death of the old woman, Auma Phoebe which occurred on 15.09.2021 stirred the beehive. Enmity arose between the Minister, and her siblings who accused each other for the death of the old woman.

The old woman was sick for a very short time and Asamo took the sick woman to Kampala in Norvik Hospital in an attempt to save her life but it was in vain. When the old woman died, the brother and sister asked for the medical reports to ascertain what killed the old woman. It was rumored that the old woman had been poisoned.

Min Asamo Hellen Grace

Secondly, they wanted to take the body for postmortem to ascertain the cause of the death before burial.Thirdly, the family wanted to bury the deceased in the land they had designated for that purpose. But, they alleged that the Minister Asamo, did not agree with any of the three suggestions. She did not give the family the medical report, she did not agree to take the deceased body for a postmortem by other doctors, and that the deceased was going to be buried in a strange cemetery which the family had not agreed to.

This made Asamo’s siblings to report the matter for court injunction before the burial. Indeed, on 17.09.2021 the court delivered an injunction preventing the burial of the old woman. But, Asamo ignored the letter from court and went ahead with the burial of the old woman at gunpoint.

It took the intervention of Rt. Rev. Bishop Hosea Odongo of Soroti Diocese for Hon. Asamo to restrain security deployment so that they could reach the burial site of their own beloved mother.

Even when they got to the burial ground, it again took the intervention of Bishop Emeritus Charles Obaikol and the Arch deacon Olupot to allow them view the body of their late mother, which rites Hon. Asamo had ordered that they should not be permitted to do so.

During the burial, when giving a speech on the life of the deceased, mourners were not told what had killed the old woman because the Minister had not produced the medical reports from Norvik Hospital.

Gen Okiding who attempted to mediate

According to a petition to Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja and copied to various offices, the two siblings aver that when the Deputy Chief Land Forces Maj. Gen. Samwiri Okiding, a relative, heard of the dispute, he invited them to his house at Bukasa-Kirinya on December 11, 2021 in an attempt to mediate the matter. Okiding is the overall commander of the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS).

“Asamo refused to provide us with the Medical Report to satisfy ourselves with the cause of our mother’s death. In fact, she gave all manner of excuses and told all manner of lies to hide from a second scheduled meeting on January 4, 2022 in which we expected her to bring the said Medical Report,” they say.

The minister is accused of court contempt


The two siblings would later then go back to court where they were granted access to the Medical Report, access to the grave site to perform cultural and religious rites. Court also restrained Asamo from violating her siblings’ rights.

The Judge implored them to reconcile and let their mother rest in peace as it would be morally inappropriate to exhume her body. In the same spirit of reconciliation the siblings withdrew the contempt of Court Application as requested by Asamo.

After a long tussle in court, Asamo’s lawyer, Ilukor and Eryaku’s lawyer, Omongole following the court order of the production of the medical report, then Asamo surrendered the report through her lawyer. In the report, it was stated that the old woman died of heart disease.

The grave before is was enclosed inside a house


“Instead of embarking on a path of reconciliation, completely stone-cold hearted and disrespectful of our pain, grief and sorrow, Asamo has with disheartening impunity, locked our mother’s grave in a newly constructed house in total violation of a subsisting Court Order,” they allege.

And that was not all, on May 17, 2022 while exercising his cultural rites of slashing the bush around the graveyard and putting in place sanitation facilities in preparation for prayers and cultural rites, Eryaku was arrested without involving local authorities and charged with Criminal Trespass without a complainant or Police Reference No. to frustrate all arrangements they had put in place to accord their late mother her religious and cultural rites.

The District Police Commander, Serere eventually told Eryaku that Asamo had ordered his arrest. On 4.06.2022, the security including police commanders in Serere District, RDC Serere and the representatives of the family assembled to try to get to the root cause of the grievance, but Asamo did not attend the meeting claiming that she was too busy.

Clan leaders including Mzee Michael Oluga, David Etelu Care-taker of the family, Mzee Olum, Janet Apolot and Elizabetgh Isilo, expressed their dissatisfaction with the way the Minister was treating her brother and sister. Eryaku, the main complainant, said that they would like government to punish Asamo for using her office illegally to torture them, something which is against the law.

“Rt. Hon. Prime Minister of Uganda, there is a word called “shame” and Hon. Asamo should be ashamed and embarrassed to serve in the NRM Government which restored the rule of law and dignity of the “Wanaichi” but yet she uses her delegated power to violate the rights of “small” people like us, moreover family. Our true African spirit teaches us that leadership and responsibility starts at home because it’s the root that brings us into existence. At her level, she should be pursuing peace and not aggression moreover by violating the rights of a dead mother and her very own siblings.”

The minister has now built a house and a put a huge padlock enclosing the grave inside which siblings can’t access


The two siblings are now asking PM Nabbanja to direct the Minister to let the family access the grave by demolishing the house she has enclosed the grave inside so that they can grieve and mourn their mother peacefully; to direct the minister to stop violating their beloved late mother’s right to cultural and

religious rites and their rights; to direct the Minister to withdraw trumped-up criminal charges of trespass against Eryaku; to stop the threats to life and intimidation; and to advise the Minister to let them access their late mother’s residence which she has since locked and deployed security to guard, retrieve their building equipment used during the construction and their mother’s property as her beneficiaries. That the right thing Asamo should do is to appeal the court decision instead of using her powerful office and delegated authority to afflict and exacerbate their sorrow.

“Hopefully, Hon. Asamo might listen to you having defied the family, AMISOM boss, the Bishop of Soroti Diocese and the Courts of Justice,” they conclude in a petition to the PM. Minister Asamo could not be reached for a comment. MORE DETAILS WILL BE IN OUR SUBSEQUENT PUBLICATION. DO YOU HAVE A HOT STORY (CHEATERS, DIVORCE, VIDEOS, CORRUPTION, LAND WRANGLES, EXPOSES …ETAL) YOU WOULD LIKE US TO PUBLISH? CALL/TEXT/WHATSAPP 0777959024 OR

Part of a petition to Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja

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