JAIL BECKONS! Noose tightens on Slay Queen in Agriculture ministry staffer booze scandal, linked to Shs950m deal

Susan and Silas during their good days

Susan and Silas during their good days

Shrewd Slay Queen, Susan Mirembe is battling a fallout caused by a recent incident where her on-and-off lover Silas Ekadu was pictured half naked (dressed in boxers only) after a booze binge fueled altercation between the two.

At first it was reported that Silas, a contract staff under a USAID project coordinated by Frank Tumwebaze’s Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF), undressed himself after allegedly drinking himself silly.



Whereas the truth remains that everyone had taken enough bottles to render passing a Breath test impossible on that particular weekend, Silas reportedly undressed on the prompting of Susan’s provocations, witnesses say.

That as the on-and-off lovers exchanged words over an unknown phone call to Silas, Susan hurled insults at the former up to a point of telling him off how she had even bought the clothes he was donning on that same day.

Out of frustration, Silas undressed and gave her the clothes.

It is not clear at what stage the picture of half-naked Silas was taken and how it leaked.

But Susan’s friends have since been apologizing to Silas on her behalf over what happened and are regretting the whole incident. They insist there were no bad intentions behind the whole saga and don’t mind whether Silas reconciles with Susan or not but all they are requesting for is forgiveness.

Sources say Silas, out of frustration, undressed and gave his clothes to Susan since she is the one who bought them


It has now emerged that some of Susan’s known friends, associates, secret friends, hangers-on and many others are now questioning her true colours.

Reports of her flashy lifestyle characterized by ‘deals making’ and coupled with a sea of male pals (to the shock of her crushes and secret lovers [sic]) have made those who have always seen her as a serious, smart and hardworking lady to pause and reflect.

A close friend told this publication that Susan is “utterly devastated” because she thinks her covers have been blown and “it’s been an incredibly tough few days” for her.

A source told us that Susan is fond of always cracking deals here and there. And one of those lucrative deals saw her parting with enough cash to start up a bar in Nakwero-Gayaza called SUZIE BAR and also erected a posh apartment in the same areas of Gayaza.

This deal was reportedly worth about USD250000 (about Shs950million).

However, it appears things may turn against her in the coming days, if reports on our desk are to go by. Sources say she may even end up in jail or lose everything she has been boasting of.

It is not clear if this deal is related to a 70-year-old friend based in South Africa whom she managed to convince to get rights to part of his/her property. As it is alleged by the source, Susan is entitled to some share. But sources say this friend is not happy with all the recent developments.


Susan and Silas have been on-and-off lovers. Their love blossomed as days and months went by.

It has been understood that in the middle of last year, Silas even casually introduced Susan to his close family members and friends as his wife-to-be.

Silas tight marking Susan before they fell out

All was well until February this year when love started to turn sour. A source informs us that it reached a point and Silas couldn’t keep up with her flashy lifestyle.

Source says that Susan would demand hefty monthly facilitation not less than Shs5m on top of servicing her expensive lifestyle. You know lifestyles of slay queens—unemployed but living large.

Sources say, Silas confided in his close friends as endless fights between the couple headlined their love.

At one point they fought over a laptop and ended up at Naggalama police station.

At one point Silas found out that Susan was being linked to different male pals in top government agencies and he confronted her. Susan also counterpaceed Silas over the same allegations.

At another point Silas found out that Susan has a 70-year-old friend based in South Africa whom she managed to convince to get rights to part of his/her property. As it is alleged by the source, Susan is entitled to some shares.

At another point Silas became tired and felt insecure because Susan’s ‘deals’ making nature.

Susan and Silas 

Sources reveal that combining all these, Silas decided to end the relationship with Susan which didn’t go down well with her. She was hurt and scorned. She wants to get back to Silas but he is reportedly still undecided and the undressing incident may have reportedly killed all the chances.

Friends we talked to tell us that Susan is a hardworking-go-getter who knows what she wants. That’s why her circle of friends include wealthy-married men especially within government agencies.



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