ABOMINABLE: How Outgoing UNAA President Henrietta Left Her Auntie a Single Mother After Stealing Husband

Nairuba , Outgoing UNAA President

God speaks to us in his Word so that we can know and understand, and in knowing and understanding, live by his word.

Although the creator emphasizes in 2 Timothy that all Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof , for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work, it seems the Ugandan North American Association (UNAA) Outgoing President Mrs. Henrietta Nairuba Wamala has never read Hebrews 13:4 which clearly says; ‘’Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous’’.

Today , we drive you back to the day Nairuba reportedly ended the happiness of her Auntie ,which every woman would love to stay for life, when the former ended up in ‘bedminton’ with her Uncle.

Nairuba , Outgoing UNAA President

According to sources, 15years ago Henrietta Nairuba was found stuck in South Africa.

Nairuba reportedly reached out to her maternal Auntie Christine Nakubulwa to rescue her, who parentally stepped in and brought her into the United States.
The source adds that Nakubulwa lived with her in Chicago, embarked on helping her settle in, by processing her paperwork prior to the hardships in the procedures.

‘’Ms. Nakubulwa Ssenabulya was married to Mr. Albert Wamala  Ssenabulya, the happily living couple with two kids .

Little did the Auntie know that whenever she would go to work, Nairuba would put on her titillating short skirts and maneuvers, trapping the man into adultery’’, said our source.

Within a short time, Henrietta wanted her Auntie’s husband all to herself. She reportedly launched a coup to backstab the Auntie in every evil way possible and throw her out of her home.

‘’This is the reason she is called iron-lady. She launched a serious war on her auntie that included juju and major threats to her children. The auntie was so broken, she couldn’t believe it and fear for her children’s safety, sent her into a state of depression and total helplessness! It was a total disaster. She had to move to a motel to collect herself and stay sane’’ added another source in Chicago.

‘’If you cannot respect your Auntie, who can trust you and how will you respect us the voters. How can Henrietta, a home wrecker, be the leader for Women Empowerment in UNAA? Leadership begins from home and it comes with integrity’’, further said a source.

Up-to-date Henrietta shamelessly stays with her auntie’s man, and they now live together. Christine left the man to her, and started her recovery journey as a single mom.

‘’That is how the iron-lady rolls, people. She simply cannot be trusted with leadership of such a great community of people in North America. Ugandans deserve better than this mess’’.

In addition, close sources within the Henrietta camp also told our reporter on a possible relationship of Ms. Henrietta with one of the ageing Ugandan

It is reported that early this year, the sleepy Minister flew to the US to meet with Henrietta and after their cozy meeting, he promised to help her win the UNAA election hence connecting her to the government chief whip who took

Nairuba and Atigo to the President for funding towards the forthcoming UNAA election due in Chicago on 1st September.

It should also be noted that Henrietta has been running a strange campaign based on gender and “women empowerment”. However, the question in many members’ minds is whether empowerment means boosting women or built on wrecking families.

In our next series, we are to bring you how Henrietta’s tenure has been embedded in corruption and mismanagement of resources at UNAA.

Efforts to get Nairuba were futile  by press time .

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