Amama Denies Campaigning For Presidency

Ex PM Amama Mbabazi.

 PM Amama Mbabazi.
PM Amama Mbabazi.

Ugandan Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi has dismissed allegations that he has been campaigning for the country’s top job saying he  “did not go to the struggle because of positions”

Amama revealed this on Saturday morning on social media site twitter during the ‘Ask Thr Prime Minister’ session, an interaction between him and the public.

“I have not campaigned any where (Presidency) and that’s the fact” the prime minister revealed.

His revelation comes days after the country’s president Yoweri Museveni was endorsed as the ruling party’s flag bearer for the 2016 general elections during the party’s retreat in Kyankwanzi, west of the country.

While answering a one H. Ssali who urged him to contest the presidency, the Prime Minister said he will only do what the party assigns him to.

He added that the caucus decision to back Museveni is not final. The final decision will be made by the party organs.

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11 thoughts on “Amama Denies Campaigning For Presidency

  1. I think whether you Amama or Yoweri Museveni you are both monsters,
    you are the same and if it wasn`t the army that you two use to intimated people
    non of you two monster would even be in Uganda today because all the people are
    100% fade up of you two monster and your NRM,its time for us Ugandan to stand
    as one and get ride of you theives,you have destroyed our country for 28years
    but your time is up you old monster there is nothing you have done for our
    country expect stealing and enriching all your close relatives, what happened
    to Gandalf and his family will soon happen to you because we all know if we as
    people in Uganda can stand against the army we can easily get ride of you,
    shame Ugandan don`t have an army we all know its your army which soon we will
    stand as one and you can kill us all but we won`t give up until you gone this
    time come what may you two monsters we want you out of the government the
    people don`t like you Yoweri Museveni and same to you Amama but you ridge vote to win since you tick them before they even reach the country plus all the people
    from Rwanda you bring into the country to vote for. your time is up.Ugandns its
    time for change lets repeat what we did to Amini this time not though the war
    but though protesting and get ridge of this NRM monsters call upon all my fellow
    Ugandan and the youth at large to sign on my face book page and talk about the
    way forward to remove those NRM monster out of our country.
    My face book user name is “temaugu ” please invite me for the way forward of our country we the youth are the leaders of tomorrow and i think if we can stand together as one the world will hear our cry and this NRM monster will have to go, so what if they have the guns and the army but remember the army is fewer than the people in Uganda if we can all protest against those thieves we can get back our country, Uganda the wasted 28years we all know can`t get it back but we can change our country for the better if we stand against the thieves of NRM

    1. I am just scared by the way we as Ugandans who want to get united can react to various events. Even if it is Mbabazi or you no body can be denied a chance to stand for presidency provided you have the qualifications. Lets adopt the kind of patriotism that aims at uniting us as one. We need to united by the common we have amidst us like the union we had over the Anti-Homosexuality act if we get together like that, life cannot be what you fill right now.
      I know justice cannot easily be suffocate if they are wrong , justice will sprout through them and they get litigated than abusing them which can’t change anything. So how can they call you for a way forward do you also want to become a monster and thats what you see can take Uganda an extra mile?
      Please lets hang our hatred and think beyond mountains perspectives.
      I love Uganda but i can’t take it anywhere alone I need to borrow other people’s time to drive it some where. Let us be friends life will move on.

      JOHN Berry

      1. John Berry stop speaking as if you not in Uganda what those NRM monsters have done to the country is a shame and its time we got ride of them at whatever cost,tell me where in the world do you find aperson ruling for 28years but just destorying the country tell me what is the point of putting up elections while they ridge votes to win,which counrty have you ever seen in the world while the army is owned by one person expect the Museveni`s army,tell me which country does have tribalism like the way it is in Uganda where by each and every better position in the country its hearded by one family and tribe even when they don`t know what to do,tell me which country did you ever see a 1st lady as a minster,tell me which country in this world have you ever seen one person stealing money and they just change him to another minstery.John if we still have people like you in Uganda then our country is getting no where,the truth of the matter those NRM monster should go before they do more damage,28years there is no any single development they can show expect stealing while people are saffering,If they care about the country then let them step down and let them hand over there unfinished projects to the next coming leader to finish them which am so sure if they couldn`t do anything in the 28years there is nothing they can do in the next 5years,those guys are monsters they don`t have at all Uganda at heart,Ugandans its time we stood up and took back our country from those monster of NRM.

    1. Moses its time we the Ugandans stood up for our counrty no one will do it for us expect us,we the people are the power of the country and its time we stood up for our counrty please join my facebook page and lets discuss the way forward for our user name is temaugu

  2. concerned citizen you
    must one of the NRM monster among the points you picked up only the one for
    tribe because you are such a fool, tell one good thing you monster have ever
    done for the country Uganda other than stealing and destroying our country we
    going to protest this time until you kill us all because its what you monster
    do best but this time around come what may you not going to come back, you must
    go. Ugandans are fed up of you its just that you and your leader scare them
    with the army and guns but just put down the army , the guns and show us
    whether you can even last a day in Uganda, you are monster and we as Ugandans
    are fed up.For the past 28years you NRM monsters that on the picture below is the kind of developments you have done for our country i hope that you fools are pround of it,tell me can you take your kid to such,the money Museveni and his minster steal everyday how many lives of Ugandans would it have developed though the good public services.Tell the 50 billion that him and his prime minster stool how many schools would it have built,the 120 billion he is asking for to protect just his interests how many roads or hospital would it have improved,the money museveni and his wife keep on steal from bank of Uganda how many lives of people in Hospital would it have improved.Concerned Citizen you talking like a true monster but one is one just the way Gadafi and Idi Amin left all of you, Museveni and his people are also soon coming to the end,don`t think that because people a quite they don`t see the damage you monster have caused to the country

    1. Surprisingly am from Limino Busia and i have never been NRM but because i love my country that’s why i hate seeing people try to bring in lame excuses to poison our young ones. If you do hate the so called “monsters” do something that we see change maybe by starting with the community around you, but not come on such pages to show your level of education and background.

    2. we need to do something for our country before we look at our leaders, tem, take it from me, this starts with you, museveni or any other president of your choice will not bring food on your table. teach your kids to be better leaders than coming to hit back at pple as though thats a solution. its because you are not in that seat, you would be equally corrupt or even worse.

  3. That is what you monsters for NRM do to end peoples lives who tell the truth about you,i guess now you looking for me to end my life,well killing myself is not the way i will stand as a Ugandan and call upon all the Ugandan to protest against you NRM monsters

  4. Good work Concerned citizen, we cannot make Uganda a gangrene that has to be pieced by a hot iron as if we are to sell uganda to a foreign intruder. This is our country and we cannot get another territory. I wish you could read my book titled ” Patriotism for Uganda’s Unity” it is not an opportunistic book but rather objective but looking forward making Uganda united at whatever cost. Those who agitate tribalism are real enemies of Uganda. If someone offends our country we should not blame that person as a representative of other tribe-mates because at the end of the game even the perceived represented end not gaining out of the swindled.
    The reason as to why such people abuse others is because they don’t tour this country and generalise the state of affairs but all Ugandan are not well off but at least they strive to better their lives. Abraham Lincoln once lamemnted that: before you ask your nation what it has done for you, think about what you have done for it” ask those who think of revolting what they have done for others outside their families.

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