Amama: I Will Not Back Anti-gay Law

PM Amama Mbabazi

Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi.
Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi.

Ugandan Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi says he will not support the controversial anti-homosexuality bill that was passed by parliament late last year.

The Prime Minister revealed this on Sunday during the consecration of new Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Kigezi.

In December 2013, Parliament passed the Bill which criminalises sexual intercourse between same-sex partners. The legislation provides for a sentence of life imprisonment for anyone convicted of homosexuality, which covers gays and lesbians.

Amama Mbabazi who was the chief guest called for a continued working relationships between different religious denominations.

Right Reverend George Bagamuhunda was consecrated despite protests from a group of Christians.

Bishop Bagamuhunda replaces Right Reverend George Katwesigye, who retires after heading the diocese for over 15 years. Bishop Bagamuhunda becomes the 5th Bishop for Kigezi Diocese.

The consecration of Bishop Bagamuhunda follows his election in August 2013 by the House of Bishops sitting at Lweza Conference Centre off Entebbe Road. At the time of his elevation, Bagamuhunda was the provincial secretary for the Church of Uganda and had earlier on worked as the head of the Water and Sanitation department in the Diocese of Kigezi.

Bagamuhunda has always been described by Kigezi Christians as a practical administrator who has been behind the establishment of several gravity water flow schemes in the Diocese, but his critics refer to him as someone who is not a good preacher. Some members of the Laity say he is a priest who is rarely seen on the pulpit.

The new bishop has got a huge task ahead of him as he takes over a diocese that is divided over who should take over from Bishop Katwesigye as his election is still being challenged in the courts of law.

For the whole of 2013, the diocese went through tough times with the Christians accusing the outgoing Bishop George Katwesigye of fronting Bagamuhunda who has actually come to be his replacement.

The consecration went ahead despite protests from a section of Christians who tried in vain to block the event through the courts of law.

The wrangles resulted into the burning of the church house at Kabale All Saints Church. Some Christians have also been calling for disbandment of the Diocesan Synod, the supreme decision-making body in the diocese.
The Consecration was presided over by the Archbishop of Uganda His Grace Stanly Ntagali who challenged Christians in the Diocese to unite if development is to be realized.

The main preacher at the function, Bunyoro Kitara Bishop Nathan Kyamanywa asked Ugandan parliamentarians to stick to the religious and cultural norms and back the anti homo sexuality bill which was recently bounced back to the parliament by President Museveni.

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  2. Someday people will also demand for their rights to marry their cows ,
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