Angela Katatumba Finally Finds Love

Angella Katatumba and her new lover

Angela Katatumba might have finally found the love of his life.

Angella Katatumba and her new lover
Angella Katatumba and her new lover

Snoops reveal that Angela is currently dating rapper Newton aka NTO

The two have even recorded a song together titled The Struggle. According to sources the two are even staying together in Muyenga

Their song was recorded recently by Paddyman at Audio One recording studio. The song is of urban RnB genre.

Newton has been on the Ugandan social scene for a while now and was part of the now defunct Wandugu crew that was then based at the Riverside Theater and Jammed Edition

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  1. waa that ka dude is so small to hot, rich, n splendid angella nooonnnnnnnnnooo nonnnnnnnnnnnnooo she deserves BETTER!!!

    1. They both look good @ raed isma wandera lets not hate the dude, u dont even know the ka dude ka dude his from a big family and leaves in America. Good luck madam Angella and your new love Godbless you

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