Bebe Cool Mesmerized by Zuena’s Killer Dance Strokes

Gagamel Phamily boss Bebe Cool was over the weekend mesmerized and shocked by the rare down strokes that were pulled by his wife Zuena Kirema while on a concert in Dubai.

Zuena gets down
Zuena gets down

Eyewitnesses have revealed that Bebe Cool stopped singing for minutes just to watch his wife unearth some of her talents.

“She danced Paka Chini like a  boneless snake. Bebe Cool was left in shock because he could not imagine that such strokes were being pulled by the mother of his children,” narrated the eyewitness.


Bebe Cool with his entire Gagamel band was in Dubai for a Best of Bebe Cool show.

Sources say that the turn up was less than what was expected.

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