Besigye: What I Said at Sejjusa’s Dad’s Funeral

Ex Forum for Democratic Change president Kizza Besigye

Ex Forum for Democratic Change president Kizza Besigye says Mwijukye misquoted him
Ex Forum for Democratic Change president Kizza Besigye says Mwijukye misquoted him

I have realized that there is a lively Facebook discussion provoked by Francis Mwijukye’s posting that referred to what I said at the burial of the late Can Simoni Petero Bwajojo- Gen Sejusa’s father.

Unfortunately, Mwijukye misquoted me and, certainly, the context in which I said what I did was lost.

My main points to the mourners were:

1. Might is not necessarily right, and, what’s right eventually prevails because God is always on the side of right.

2. Having differences in opinion or beliefs should never be treated as being enemies; secondly, that wrong is wrong regardless of who or where it comes from.

3. Injustice and violation of people’s Rights breeds political instability and undermines security of all.

I pointed out to the mourners that when Mr Museveni started an armed rebellion in 1981, many in the Bahima communities of Ankole and Buganda (where he and many of the initial fighters and recruits hailed from) castigated him for luring their children to be killed in an unviable war and called him all kinds of unflattering names.

On the other hand, some of us supported (and even joined) the armed rebellion, knowing that it was militarily the underdog, but having a just cause. I pointed out to them that because the cause was just, God helped us to win the war. It was not because of the prowess of the fighters or “Ssabalwanyi”, per se, that the war was worn, as some would like to claim today. I gave some evidence of this assertion.

When the armed rebellion gained the upper hand, the same people who ridiculed and castigated the struggle now embraced it and vigorously identified with it. Mr Museveni now became their courageous warrior son!

Those of us who later disagreed with Mr Museveni were treated as traitors and enemies. There was little effort to examine whether we were right or wrong.

I said that although Mr Museveni actually isn’t a native of Ankole, but rather hails from Mpororo like me, the same Banyankole who castigated him, are now most enthusiastic to identify with and even own him. What wrong he is doing seems immaterial to them!

I pointed out to them that Gen Sejusa is as celebrated an NRA/NRM veteran as they come. He cannot bury his own father during the NRM regime because he is now a political refugee. His crime is harbouring and expressing opinions and beliefs that Mr Museveni doesn’t like! So, why was a war fought in which so many of their children died?

I pointed out that even if you’re not directly affected by injustice or violation of Human Rights and Freedoms, the instability and breech of peace that is generated by these vices consumes all and may even affect them more. I asked them to do whatever is in their power to forestall such a calamity.

The Writer Dr. Kiiza Besigye is a former President of Forum for Democratic Change-FDC party via MIFOGU. The views expressed in the article are not those of this paper or its management.

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3 thoughts on “Besigye: What I Said at Sejjusa’s Dad’s Funeral

  1. Oh yes ! This clarification should be read by all Ugandans. It is accarate , honest and informative. When Dr.Besigye talks of the banyankole who called Museveni names during the war but are now claiming him as “their own”. Maria Okurut Karooro`s name jumps into my mouth.
    I happened to be travelling in taxi from Mbarara during my holidays during the 80s and heard a hot debate in which all the Banyankole in the taxi.attacked a Muganda taxi driver . They accused Baganda of being fools for following Museveni who “was not even a Ugandan” according to them . Only one elderly munyankole man did not agree . He joked that whatever strange things the Baganda eat, the Banyankole end up eating the same with even more vigor.

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