BOSSES FROM HELL! Wagagai Gold Mine workers accuse Chinese bosses of torture, harassment

Chinese nationals of Wagagai Gold Mine and Refinery in Alupe, Busia district are accused of routinely assaulting, harassing and torturing their workers.

Earlier in June, Mr.Maa, the head of Yaseem Security Company which oversees the management of all security at Wagagai mining company LTD, reportedly tied his workers on a tree and violently whipped them for failing to produce a suspect who was caught on CCTV camera while stealing electric wires.

The company’s electrician Ouma Henry, a resident of Bujabi North cell, Buole Parish Masafu Sub County, is among those who were beaten to coma despite protesting for his rights.

Ouma narrates how he was on June 5th , 2024, handcuffed and helplessly dragged and tied on a tree where he spent two days while being whipped by the notorious Maa, only to be rushed to Dubani hospital by colleagues when his health condition was deteriorating.

Kisubu Ali, a resident of Kabira Village, Nakigo Sub county Iganga District, recounts how his ‘boss,’ a Chinese national, allegedly poked a pistol in his mouth while ordering him to produce the suspect, one Francis.

“There have been several cases of abuse of workers by Chinese employers at the company that are being shielded by police and this happens on a regular basis,” added Ali.

Other workers said that they are being mistreated, assaulted, and harassed by their angry bosses and have lodged several complaints with the Busia District Police Commander (DPC), but got no help.

They are requesting for a national labour inspection of workers across the country, particularly foreign owned companies.

Enock Mpanga, is also one of the employees who last year tested Wagagai Chinese brutality.

He was reportedly accused of theft.

However, instead of allowing police to handle the matter, they reportedly first applied a sort of mob justice on him.

Fingers have been pointed at Liang and Chang—other names withheld for now.

When he was left for dead, the next day they alerted Busia police station (whose bosses are reportedly friendly to the Chinese) to come and handle the matter.

A one Corporal Oroba was reportedly dispatched for that purpose.

Curiously, in a twist of events, the Chinese workers at the factory who number eight accused the Ugandan employee of assault Ref SD 06/24/06/2023 Wagagai police post c/o Busia police station to the shock of other black employees who witnessed what happened.

Tortured David Mpanga at police

We are told even other black employees were reportedly threatened and forced to write statements pinning their colleague.

Most of the black employees who get injured in the line of duty are reportedly never compensated but instead herded out of the firm.

Wagagia officials could not be reached for a comment.

Wagagai Mining (U) Limited is said to be a wholly-owned subsidiary of Liaoning Hongda Group, registered in Busia, a town in the Administrative Center of Busia District located in the Eastern Region of Uganda. The company owns the gold mining right of 9.24 square kilometers in the north of the town.

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