Hyena splashes money on a campuser at Kingdom Kampala, drills her from friend’s place

I am very sure many guys of my age and status envy the life I lead in this dusty town of ours. Apart from the crowned kings in this world, I may be the only ordinary guy who gets what I want on a silver plate anytime I want.

Yesterday, I drove to a certain campus to check on my OB who is a tutorial assistant and of course search for the beauties. I bounced since he had gone upcountry. But I did not make a double loss because on my way back, I saw many cuties on the roadside crying to whoever crossed their way in a posh car for a lift.

At first, I ignored so many but when I saw a bum-licious tall babe with a dark skin together with some other ugly babes, I stopped. But trust me, I passed by them and stopped some few meters away so as to get a chance of disassociating her from her friends who would be a sword in my a**.

I signaled that she comes alone but her friends insisted and accompanied her. “I am very sorry, I can only take one person since I have some breakables in the hind seat,” I told them while dolling out a note of 50k for their transport. “This man looks to be generous, if he had taken me, I would have given him some….” One who was not so good looking said. “Okay we shall find you at Kingdom Kampala,” they told Mercy.

“How are you? You look good!” I told her. “Huur vey many people tell me so,” she replied while adjusting her braids. “Where are you going?” “I am going to this mall, I have even forgotten its name,” she replied. You mean Kingdom mall, oh yes that one. “Do you mind if I accompanied you for shopping?” “Not at all, my brother who used to give me money went to Iraq, I just have 1k, I am not sure where I will get cosmetics with this little money,” she said with grief. That’s not a problem, I deal in cosmetics,” I told her. “Are you Samona?” she asked. “Not at all, I am the Mighty Hyena. “Oh my God, I always read your escapades and I hear you are a loaded guy,” she said. “I just laughed well knowing that she would be part of my menu that evening.

Mercy is one of the most beautiful babes I have met. She has a long neck, dark gum and a gap between her teeth. She has these great very long legs with a good pair of tits. This babe is a daughter to a prominent mogul in Mbarara. I used to shaft Mercy’s sister who currently is working with MTN Rwanda, a telecommunication company in a Kigali.

By the time we reached Bombo road, my whopper was almost escaping from my trousers. I calmed it down since I never wanted to annoy this babe before impressing her. When we reached Garden city, I removed a bundle of 50k and put it in my hind pocket. The babe smiled abit and gave me a peck. You know babes and money are inseparable. On the entrance I almost changed my mind when I saw one of the cashiers smile.

Had this babe played around with me, I would dump her immediately and plan otherwise. However, she was holding my arms like we have been friends for centuries. We picked the trolleys and moved around the supermarket. I rarely pay attention to ladies admirations while in a supermarket because they always aim at taking home half stock of the supermarket.

She mostly bought edibles except and expensive biscuits with cosmetics as well as other personal stuff. When she filled the first trolley, I helped her to push the second one. Being a strategist, I quickly asked post proggie before reaching the cashier’s desk. To my surprise, she responded positively and whispered to me “I will revenge when I get a chance of being in bed with you.” Her statement almost made me fail to move because of my rioting whopper.

When I removed a bundle of dime to clear the bill, everybody got shocked including the cashier. We headed to Kikoni and dropped the things. She suggested that we go to Kingdom Kampala but I feared because of her good looks, I suspected that someone would steal her from me since this place is always parked with town celebs.

While in the car, I sneaked my hand in her Kandahar and it was smiling with joy as it anxiously awaited my whopper. She had much el-nino that it was almost freely flowing between her legs. “Wanyita kubi tokumanya ekibakutayo?” literally meaning; you are killing me softly, is that substitute for a whopper? I just kept quiet ad drove her to my friend’s place in Kawempe who travelled to Dubai for shopping before lockdown.

She looked very horny and sexy to the extent that she almost made me crush the car as she stubbornly removed my whopper and started caressing it before we reached home. I opened the gate like I was being chased by kony rebels.

On entering the house, she never gave me a chance to open the bedroom; she undressed like she was being stung by bees and wrestled me down the sofa set. I reached for my CD and descended on her like a horny Dinka. “I like being in control,” she assured me.

I was only scared about her weight but I did not mind since I knew she would not handle my experience. She rod me while hissing like a pressure cooker. I am very sure she came more than five times, because I would see her close her eyes. When I felt she was tired, I put her down and punished her with serious jazz band before shafting her at breakneck speed.

I only reduced the speed when she said “noyenda kunyita” literally meaning you want to kill me. I sympathized with her since I wanted to have her for some good hours and gave her a break. However, she showed me that I had made a mistake because she tried hard to make it hard again very quickly and trust a man who hails from Bunyoro it was harder than before.

She was breathing heavily even before I entered her. We then rolled over and I got on top; that’s when she gave me her famous waist spin. Although I had spent heavily at Shoprite, it was a night, I must jot in my note book to make sure I never forget it. This time, we came at the same time.

She snaked on top of me, dozed off while spreading her legs like she had just given birth. We did not go to the bedroom except that I have to buy another carpet before my friend comes back since the one we found is still wet up too now. At around 11pm, I dropped her at her place and she beeps every hour I shall look for her next week and finish the unfinished business.

Till then, I remain Yours Truly, The Mighty Hyena.

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