British Law Society Writes To M7 Over Odoki Reappointment

The Chief Justice Benjamin-Odoki

President Museveni has asked Parliament to approve Justice Odoki as the Chief Justice for two more years
President Museveni has asked Parliament to approve Justice Odoki as the Chief Justice for two more years

The England and Wales Law Society has added its voice to the choruses urging President Yoweri Museveni to name a new Chief Justice and rescind the reappointment of retired Chief Justice Benjamin Odoki

The body is the professional association that represents the solicitors’ profession in England and Wales.

The Society’s Human Rights Committee in a letter dated January 23 to President Museveni, pointed out the need for him to follow the 1995 constitution and appoint a new Chief Justice.

Professor Sara Chandler, chair of the Human Rights Committee, says ‘the Law Society urges President Museveni to comply with the Ugandan constitution and select one of the persons whose names have been submitted by the Judicial Service Commission for consideration.

“Adhering to these processes will guarantee compliance with Uganda’s constitution, ensure the maintenance of the independence of the judiciary in Uganda and show respect for the nation’s judges and uphold the rule of law,”  the letter reads in part.

Justice Odoki, clocked the retirement age of 70 on 23 March last year before serving a three-month extension until 23 June.

According to the Ugandan constitution, a new chief justice must be appointed by the president acting on the advice of the Judicial Service Commission and with the approval of parliament. in the cas eif Justice Odoki, the Judicil service commission are on record as stating his reappointment was unlawful.

However, President Museveni in a July 9, 2013 letter addressed to the chairman the judicial service commission, Justice James Ogoola, directed that Odoki be granted a two year contract in order to maximize the services of our human resource.

The President also directed that three other retired Supreme Court justices; John Wilson Tsekooko, Christine Kitumba and Gildino Okello be recalled to the Bench and indeed they have reported for duty.

Justice Odoki’s re-appointment has since been met with resistance from different players. Notable among them is the Uganda Law Society, The East Africa Law Society, legislators, and academicians. They all contend that the re-appointment is illegal and unconstitutional.

The call by the England and Wales Law Society comes at a time when Judges have indicated that they will shun attending the annual judges’ conference scheduled to start tomorrow in Entebbe and the opening of the Law Year on Friday due to the absence of a substantive Chief Justice.

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10 thoughts on “British Law Society Writes To M7 Over Odoki Reappointment

    1. Shame on you all who support the purported appointment of his Odoki. Bravo to the British Law Society. Justice Odoki should respect the Ugandan Cconstitution, the carJudicial Bench, the people of his Uganda and himself to retire honourably. He CANNOT BE THE CHIEF JUSTICE OF UGANDA FOREVER.

      1. Where did Lutwama state that he supports Odoki’s re-appointment?
        There are 2 big topics on this issue & personally I don’t support both of them even though Lutwama only opined on one of them.

  1. British Law Society tendering advice indeed, why don’t they for instance first tender advice to their government to treat Ugandans who apply for visas rationally and with some respect. They deny a student a visa, and give it to someone going to do shopping for a wedding!!

  2. We don’t need the British to know that the reappointment of Odoki is against the law. Please Mr. President, do not be unconstitutional.

  3. Museveni has trained and poisoned many minds in Uganda not to see the truth and the way Justice and Peace are established in countries without exposing brutality,dictatorship primitive way of doing things and corruption

  4. Odoki has always impressed me as a very learned gentleman . Why can`t he make life eazier for everybody by turning down the invitation to stay on the chair. Right now , he looks worse than village pumpkin.

  5. Now this is beyong my understanding, imagine Museveni writing to the queen to consider appointing someone in her ministry? How can they just think they can put their nose in our affairs? What have they been doing when Museveni was extending the term Limits for himself? In south Africa there is a place called Orania there are only White People living there and no black is allowed why dont you write to them about this open racism before the south Africans come with pangas and knives? You did the same in Zimbabwe never made your promises and now Mugabe is to be blamed for doing the right thing

  6. Mr President, please tell the British to take their condescending attitude elsewhere. Uganda hasn’t written to them trying to give advise.

    1. Karyaburo, get some sense in your head. He who pays the piper calls the tunes. As long as we go now and then to these countries “EU” to beg for support, they have every right to rub their noses in our affairs, especially when they violate constitutionalism and rule of law.

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