Busiro South Electorate Vow To Kill Paul Owor With Votes

Busiro South: Peter Ssematimba and Paul Owor

Peter Ssematimba and Paul Owor to face-off in Busiro South Election

Wakiso – Busiro South electorate have vowed to kill Paul Owor with votes come 2021.

Paul Owor, an aspiring member of parliament who declared his intentions to dethrone Peter Ssematimba is becoming a darling to Busiro South community.

Paul Owor an independent candidate is well known as a successful businessman owning multiple companies in Uganda and Kenya.

It is notably confirmed that his openhanded acts have won people’s hearts hence vow to support him in the general elections next year.

On 5, 9, 2020, Paul Owor donated an ambulance and a pregnancy scanner ultrasound machine to Kajjasi Health Centre IV however; the ambulance was later confiscated by Kajjasi police.

Police further arrested Paul Owor, his campaign manager, and some of his supporters while on the ambulance handover function.

Although Owor has later released that very day but the ambulance and some of his supporters including the campaign manager are still under police custody in Kajjasi.

Owor assured his supporters that he will not be driven away or stop doing good for his people because that is what he came to do.

“It’s very unfortunate that the DPC Kajjansi intentionally let my people sleep in the cells by not returning to the station from 2pm after leaving orders that none of them should be released. This will be a memory after we send the incumbent off come February” Paul Owor wrote on his Twitter handle.

Notably, Owor enlightened why he joined politics and his vision, mission he has for Busiro South in his latest interview with Red Pepper.

“I was inspired by the state of affairs in Busiro County South. In the last 15 years, I have been vividly following politics, and I have not seen any single change in all these years.

I have been on the ground because that’s where I come from so I know every corner of Busiro South. Am not saying it’s the role of the leader to make all the small and big changes but to speak incessantly on behalf of the people. So I feel like Busiro South people are not well represented, I also want to be part of the change, I want to see things moving on the ground.

For that reason, Owor foundation is in preparations, we have already donated an ambulance, and this is not voter’s bribery as some people claim because this is Owor foundation it is here to stay.

We want to show some works; we want to walk the talk, we are trying to solve those problems that have lasted for 15 years in a very short time that shows competence and regularity. We also donating scan machines, Owor foundation also looking forward to donating a boat for Busi Island; it has no health facilities so it will help in transporting patients to the nearby health facilities. My approach to politics is not about words but actions because everyone can talk” he explained.

A renowned business tycoon also claimed how he will not cry for government’s help on small things he can do himself.

“I personally will not wait for the government to do everything, my vision is to be on the ground, mobilize the people of Busiro South and do the little we can as the government sort itself. Things like creating SACCOs; it really helps especially the low-income earners (bamufuna mpora), this is my first target.

For example, let’s say a UOT Savings and Credit Cooperative Organization (SACCO), where we can save Shs10, 000 weekly and we work on projects that can increase our income and give soft loans to members when they are stuck.

We only need 1000 people who can give Shs10, 000 a week and we shall have 10million weekly to help in our projects. More so, through my advocacy, diligent speaking, I will bid for better health services, roads, and job creation.

I will also advise and promote vocational training, people do not need white cola jobs to be successful, you will never find a carpenter who has no job, young people must learn to accept and do the so-called dirty jobs.

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