BUSTED!Security intercepts gold at Entebbe Airport enroute China

The Aviation Police at Entebbe International Airport have in custody a consignment of estimated 250Kgs of gold, which was impounded from smugglers as they tried to smuggle it to Hong Kong, in China. Sources privy to the matter reveal that the incident happened early this week in wee hours of the night, when a private Gulfstream jet from Qatar which was enroute to Hong Kong landed at Entebbe Airport to pick general cargo.

However, upon picking the said cargo, intelligence officers, working on information leaked by sources from the Uganda Revenue Authority and the Mineral Protection Police at the airport, decided to verify the cargo that had been declared. It was during the verification process that the officers realised the cargo to be picked by the plane was over 250kgs of gold but did not have clear documentation.

Interrogations were swiftly done to establish which mines it had come from and who was handling the consignment but officers realised it was being smuggled and that there were some Ugandans who were involved in the deal.

The officers immediately impounded the gold and swiftly kicked off investigations with intent to establish and arrest the smugglers, after they discovered that the gold was being flown to Hong Kong via Doha, from Entebbe.

We have since established that the officers have also started investigating the company owning the aircraft that was being used to smuggle the gold after the crew failed to produce the legal documents pertaining to the cargo and only claimed that it belonged to one Jack.Sources within the Mineral Protection Police Unit reveal further that although smuggling gold and other precious minerals via Entebbe airport had been phased, they are so disappointed that such a thing can reoccur and because of this, they have since vowed to do whatever it takes to bring all the culprits to book.


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