Mb’ra NRM leaders split 

Amos Tayebwa
The Mbarara City top NRM leaders have separated over endorsement of   Yoweri Museveni for the Presidential bid come 2026.
A group of NRM Leaders that lean to president Museven’s first son’s project popularly known as  Muhoozi Kainerugaba Project (MK project), have rejected the move to endorse President Museven for the next presidential elections when the time has not yet  reached.
Polly Katwire Karamuzi,  the Mbarara City NRM General Secretary who doubles as the Western Region Coordinator for MK project has protested against the decision taken by the Mbarara City  NRM Chairman Wilson Tumwine to have a function of endorsing president Museven when himself has not officially shown interest.
Katwire has said that he supports President Museven and his leadership as NRM, however it should be good if he can give an opportunity to his son Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba to also add from the good services which he has done for this country.
He also asked the NRA Historicals, (the Elders) to at least come up and support the young generation that will push this country forward as far as service delivery is concerned.  He said that all endorsements that are being done are not official because there is no road map and official communication from the president himself. That its not the right time for these endorsements. He added that these people should instead focus and concentrate on implementing  the NRM Manifesto. That these people should also join the MK project and work together as NRM and have one voice to strengthen the the party not to give space to the opposition to overpower them.
“I am a leader of NRM, am a full commissioned cadre and media activist, I love my party chairman the president. I have worked for NRM for a long time, and I have no problem with endorsing President Museven but it should be official and done at the right time. I must admit that President Museven has really worked for us better than any other previous government but I think this time he should give chance to his son and also try his best. I subscribe to to NRM and Muhoozi project (MK) and I would also support Muhoozi’s bid for presidency if he wishes, because 90% of the Muhoozi project people are true NRM members and its one of the reasons why am encouraging the NRM historical people to come on board and support this project instead of fighting us and endorsements of the president.” said Katwire.
“If  the people of Uganda especially the Youths have identified someone who has qualities to replace our beloved president, let NRM people rally behind Gen. Keinerugaba and endorse him as their candidate for the presidential bid 2026 when time reaches. I am not against the idea of my fellow NRM Leaders of Mbarara City to have an endorsement function that will be held on this Friday in Booma grounds but my position is that they have rushed they should have made thorough consultations. I may attend their function as the NRM Secretary but I will not play big part  in this function. I also trash the allegations that there are some group of people from MK project who had plotted to sabotage this function or to boycott it those are just rumors, there are no intentions to sabotage any activities being done by NRM people, we can’t tamper with any function involving our president Museveni ” he added.
As the Chairman of MK project in Mbarara, Katwire has assured the public that as team MK project they are plotting to have mega function meant to fully endorse their person Gen. Kainerugaba to bid for the president come 2026 elections.

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