FREEDOM FIGHTER! MUK Guild Aspirant Ibra Hussein Petition VC Nawangwe to Take Action Against Errant Lecturer Filmed Assaulting Female Student

A Collage of Hussein , Makerere university Main Building and Prof. Nawangwe

The National Resistance Movement (NRM)’s flag bearer for the 88th guild president of Makerere University Ibra Hussein has petitioned the University management calling for action against a lecturer who brutally slapped a female student in a lecture room before ordering her to walk out.

A Collage of Hussein , Makerere university Main Building and Prof. Nawangwe

On Saturday 16th November 2022, Social media was awash with a video of Makerere University Lecturer who was later identified as Dr. Benard Wandera slapping a female student in Yusuf Lule Central Teaching Facility II.

As student’s freedom fighter, In his letter dated 18th November 2022 ‘CALL FOR IMMEDIATE ACTION AGAINST A UNIVERSITY STAFF WHO ASSAULTED A FEMALE STUDENT’, addressed to the Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe the Makerere University Vice Chancellor, Ibra Hussein said the university community is deeply pained after watching the horrific video footage in which Wandera assaulted and caused grievous bodily harm to one of the students, a female gallant Makererean.

‘’It is with a heavy heart that I put pen to paper expressing the profound consternation, shock and trauma of the Makerere University student’s community over the horrendous and barbaric way in which one of the lecturers of this esteemed institution assaulted a female student. We are in fact concerned about the lack of action by university management in this matter’’, reads in part Ibra’s Petition to Nawangwe.

Hussein added that as Makerere celebrates 100 years of excellence, they cannot allow this barbaric behavior to jeopardize and later spoil the legacy of this esteemed university.

Hussein’ Petition to Prof.Nawangwe

‘’Mr. Wandera’s barbarism cannot be tolerated in a 21st century institution that aspires to be a world class university. In fact, these acts are a violation of article 44 of the constitution of the Republic of Uganda and the 1948 Paris universal declaration of fundamental human rights and freedoms, to which Uganda is a signatory. It is dehumanizing to say the least and an abuse to the rights of women enshrined in article 33 of the constitution, but above all a torment of unequalled measure and the highest expression of indignity to the human race’’, he noted .

Hussein argues that this behavior should not and will not stand a day in Africa’s intellectual giant, Makerere University and they shall not fold their hands when the people with whom their guardians entrusted to provide them with intellectual growth, instead blatantly abuse the fiduciary power and violate their professional code of conduct against the notorious principle that Universities are designated space of freedom and an ultimate guarantee of rights, which is a core pillar of academic freedom.

‘’Mr. Vice Chancellor, we come to you in peace with an appeal that you dispense the much- needed justice because this is not just a matter of chivalry, but rather a principle of injustice and human dignity. We know that the laws which govern this university such as the University and Tertiary Institution Act 2001 among others give you a mandate to address the criminality exhibited by Dr. Wandera. Whereas we implore the gallant Makereans who kept peace amidst that level of provocation, such peace can only be guaranteed if the University Management takes immediate action to dispense justice as by law prescribed, and history shall be written that at a time when the dignity and rights of the students was at stake, you stood firm on the side of the marginalized and oppressed. Looking forward to a positive and timely response’’, Hussein appealed to Nawangwe in his heart melting Petition.

We have been reliably informed that following the outcry from the Student’s activist Hussein, the Makerere University Vice Chancellor, Prof Barnabas Nawangwe on Saturday interdicted Mr.Wandera as investigations continue into the matter.


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