By Tonny Akankwatsa

Crown Beverages Limited (CBL) has this Tuesday, July 2, morning flagged off a group of its esteemed customers to  Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This was a group of 14 lucky trip winners in the Tukonectinge campaign.

The team was inducted by Tracy Kakuru- Corporate Communications Manager, CBL and Emmanuel Atweta, Pepsi official at Serena Hotel, Kampala, this morning before setting off to Entebbe International Airport for Dubai.

This was the first group to be flown off for UAE trip courtesy of CBL’s Tukonectinge campaign seeks to promote and strengthen relationships among Pepsi consumers, their families, peers, and friends within the country.

“Today we are very excited to flag off our first winners of the trip to Dubai. Today we are sending off 14 consumers of Pepsi, Mirinda and Mountain dew soft drinks as the first lot,” Tracy,Corporate Communications Manager, CBL announced. 

There yet still another opportunity for the public to stand a chance to win the trip to Dubai, and this time, media personalities are likely to be inclusive.

“Different winners are going today, and next time we shall involve the media team as well,” said Atweta Emmanuel, CBL official.

A number of prizes among others; 20 cars, fridges, T-shirts and caps as well as instant mobile money cash and airtime have been won in the past two months. However, that’s not all form CBL, the general public still stands a chance to win more for these two remaining weeks, including; 5 cars, fridges, more soft drinks, T-shirts and caps and a full catered for trip to Dubai.

“We have so far given out 20 cars, 18 home fridges among other gifts. Regional winners will experience life in Dubai whilst enjoying dinners, spend nights at Grand Excelsior hotel, cruise, a trip to Desert Safari, Abu Dhabi city tour among other famous sites,” Tracy noted.

“I have never thought of such a thing to happen in my life. even to hold a passport is my first time. Probably Pepsi has initiated my rich life from today, I thank God for that too, besides Pepsi,” with joy, Mutembandegye, one of the winner explained.

For the last remaining chance, the raffle to win your wish has been simplified. Consumers of Pepsi, Mountain dew and Mirinda glass bottles can now win independently without need to send paired codes.

“This remaining time, anyone can win with no need to send paired codes twice with your partner. After pairing with your loved one, even one sender of the codes will qualify both of you as winners,” Emmanuel assured the audience.

The first group of two couples and 10 singles; Zainabu Akankwasa, Jonan Atusingwize, Magdaline Kasuku, Isaac Kyanzi, Suzan Omoding, Andrew Maweri, Muhammad Mutembandegye, Mariam Bonitah, Gorreth Nazziwa, Paska Nyandira, Daniel Okori, Charles SSemanda, Silage Teeka and Walana George is expected tour around UAE for four days. The first lot has flew off via Fly Emirates.

These were the first selected winners in the past two months ever since debut of Tukonectinge campaign. The only remaining chance lasts for two weeks.

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