Chameleone, Manager Fued Over Flopped Davido Show


DoctorJose Chameleone may have patched up his differences with Mozey  Radio and Weasel, but it seems he’s in the midst of a new feud with his manager Sam Mukasa.

Word reaching our gossip desk reveals that the long-time work buddies are quarreling over the flopped battle of the Titans that was held at Kyadondo rugby grounds on Friday that featured showy Nigerian singer Davido.

Industry players intimate that the Tubonge singer is incensed with with the turn up the he initially refused to perform estimated below 400 people yet the Leone Island camp boss is revelled for pulling the biggest crowds in the Great Lakes region.

Arguing that he could not sing to the very few people in attendance, Chameleone was convinced by his manager who claimed that if he was not going to perform then they had to cough up the initial deposit of Shs6m.

“Doctor (Chameleone as he is popularly addressed by his crewmates) made a great performance as usual  but he doesn’t go well with turn up,” an source was quoted as saying. “He is not happy with Manager Mukasa for being possessive; he didn’t advertise the show and is to blame for the flop.”

Chameleone is also said to have turned down a request to do a collabo with Davido after the concert flopped.

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