City Don in love with Nwagi

Boy of the moment singer Tebandeke Deus, known professionally as City Don is a Ugandan singer who has released his much-anticipated hit song U DONO amidst Covid 19 lockdown. The song is currently trending on all TV and radio stations in Uganda so far.

We tracked him down shared his music plans, his love for Winnie Nwagi’s music, and conquering the music globe.

Who exactly is City Don?

Well, I am Tebandeke Deus, known professionally as City Don. I am also a stylist. I am a dream chaser. I am also a fashionista.

Where did your musical journey start?

I started my music career way back in school. I remember I was only 15 years old. While in school in Kasangati, I realized I had a passion for singing. I decided to join the school choir. People told me I have a good voice to sing and after school, I decided to hit the studio. Today, here we are.

Do you’ve any music background?

Like I said it has been a real struggle. As a young boy in Kasangati town, I saw my dream come true. I would juggle school and studio. I would all the odd jobs to finance my music. So basically I didn’t have a family music background but it all started with me.

Who writes your songs?

I write all my songs brother. I write and then go to work with producers. That is all.

You call yourself a Don, Are you one?

I am not a don that splashes money but I have a dream to be one the most famous musician with money across the whole world. Today this is my stage name but I want to be a don.

Who injects money into your music?

There is a gentleman called Lefta. I am under Lefta management owned by him. He has seen me through so many things. He sponsors my music.

How are you handling competition?

I am not in the music industry by mistake. I know my art. When one is good at his is doing, there is no competition. I can’t compete with anyone. I am doing my thing. I actually compete with myself only.

Any Female singer, you wish to work with?

My number is Winnie Nwagi. Then Spice Diana and lastly Sheeba Karungi

Let’s talk about bubble gum music, how different is yours?

Because is real life, mine is so different. I do mix my music. I don’t sing about trending things. I sing about real life.

How has lockdown affected you?

Man. This has been the worst ever since I was born. Everything is at standstill. Management no longer earns so nothing is moving but we hope all will be well soon.

Okay, let’s continue talking music, what is your favourite hit song?

I can say Balumye. The song has taken me places. The song has made me meet so many people. The song is even in Nigeria playing.

5 years ahead?

I have so many plans. My five years, I will be so far. I have international collabos already in the studio. By 5 years ahead, I should be holding different concerts across Africa.

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